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Hiding Hymns in the Heart

"A feature of Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s ministry, which has escaped reference thus far, was his tendency to quote hymns. He had a wide-ranging knowledge of these which probably is traceable back to his boyhood and the ‘singing festivals’ common to the denomination in which he was brought up. Most of the hymns he quotes are of an experiential nature. They were born out of revival and are descriptive of profound, religious experiences. They also seemed [to] be expressing for him what he had personally known. One favorite to which he often refers was by William Williams:

Tell me thou art mine dear Saviour
Grant me an assurance clear
Banish all my dark misgivings
Still my doubting, calm my fear:

O my soul within me longeth
Now to hear thy voice divine,
So shall grief be gone for ever
And despair no more be mine."