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Saved! Saved!

In July of 1910, the Baptist Evangelist Mordecai Ham held an evangelistic campaign in Gonzales, Texas. "One of the most popular evangelistic hymns was born during this campaign. The evangelist was preaching on the subject, ‘Christ Our Refuge.’ In the audience was a man who had killed four men and had despaired of ever being saved. He listened to Mr. Ham explain that Christ is a refuge for sinners of any and every stripe and that the ‘Cities of Refuge,’ described in the Old Testament, are a type of Christ, who is a haven of hope and eternal forgiveness for all who will flee to Him. Midway during the sermon this man jumped up from his seat and shouted: ‘Saved! Saved! Saved!’ Mr. Scofield [Jack P. Scholfield] was so inspired that the next afternoon he sat outside the hotel, where the Ham party was residing, and composed both the words and the music for the hymn entitled, ‘Saved, Saved.’ That night the tabernacle audience heard the song for the first time."