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Two Old Testament Pillars

Source Name: 
Justifying Faith (p. 18)
Source Author: 
Thomas Goodwin

According to the Puritan Thomas Goodwin, "there were two grand pillars in the Old Testament: one, God’s promise of Christ; and the other, this manifesto of God’s gracious nature [in Exodus 34:6-7]: and lo, the advantage God took for both, upon the commission of the most heinous sins; the one upon occasion of the first and greatest sin, and of the largest extent of mischief in the consequence that ever was committed, viz., our first parents’ fall, by which all mankind were undone; and it was upon that occasion he let fall that promise of Christ [Genesis 3:15], which was the first foundation of Old Testament faith, and continues such to the end: and now again upon the first greatest sin this people did commit after their having received the law [the making of the golden calf in Exodus 32], and heard God’s voice, it was that he publisheth this other [the declaration of His mercy in Exodus 34:6-7]."

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