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What Children Learn From Their Parents

In the midst of a famine, Isaac leaves the Promised Land to search for better pastures (v.1).  In this, he followed his father Abraham (12:10). He goes to sojourn with Abimelech the king of the Philistines (v.1).  In this, he followed his father Abraham (20:1-2).  In fear for his life, he tells the lie that his wife is his sister (v.7).  In this, he followed his father Abraham (20:2).  His lie is discovered and he is forced to answer for his deceit (v.8-11).  In this, he followed his father Abraham (20:10-16).  Is it not interesting the things that children pick up from their parents?

Isaac leaves Abimelech and begins to dig again the wells of his father Abraham (v.18).  He even calls them after the names that were given to them by his father (v.18).  In this, Isaac wisely follows the leadership of Abraham.  In order to have revival, we need to go back to the wells of our fathers to find the water that they drank.  The Philistines fought Isaac over the first two wells he dug, but Isaac just kept digging.  Finally, he dug the well of Rehoboth and there was no strife.

We should be learning from those who went before us but we should be careful what we learn.  The Puritans are a good example of this precept.  They erred in numerous ways but in certain areas (like their exaltation of God, their emphasis on holiness, their rich application of scripture) they have much to teach us.  What are we learning from our fathers?  What mistakes did they make that we are going to avoid?