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Audio Books for Bible-believers

More and more people are listening to books. Zondervan reported a 24% increase in the sale of audio books over the last two years. Where are the readers who will put Bible-believing materials and older classics into audio format? These works will not have the popularity of the bestsellers, but they could and would change lives. If you are a good reader and would like to make a difference in people's lives without trying to making money, we could use you on our site. Our goal is to get out good material without charge. We would be glad to put good readings up on our internet site. Of course, we would always have the final say on using a particular recording but it would also be yours to use for yourself as you please. We would just need written permission to use it on the site. Perhaps you are not called to preach or teach, but you love to read and have a good reading voice. The Lord could use you in this area. There are many books that are out of copywrite and that would make excellent audio books.