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Christian Reconstructionism Summarized

According to the Foreward (p. xxxi) of "The Reduction of Christianity" (Foreward written by Gary North), Christian Reconstructionism has "five central points--Calvinism, covenant theology, biblical law ('theonomy'), presuppositional apologetics ('Vantilianism'), and postmillennialism." Gary North is one of the leaders of the Christian Reconstruction movement. Therefore, this statement is the perfect place to begin to understand Christian Reconstructionism. In "Tools of Dominion" (p.14), Gary North speaks of " a unique, comprehensive system: predestination, covenant theology, biblical law, Cornelius Van Til's presuppositional apologetics, and postmillennialism." On the same page, North approvingly quotes Robert Bowman's summary of theonomy: "[T]he commands of the Law are presumed to be binding today except where the New Testament modifies them or sets them aside in some manner." For the record, I admire the zeal and the discipline of the Reconstructionists (they remind me of the Jesuits). However, I disagree with their doctrine and methodology. I tell you about them because they have been increasing in influence; sowing their tares while God's people have slept. You need to be aware of this doctrinal system.