Dressing Up For Church

Published Date: 
May 17, 2006

I was just looking over an angry response to my article on men wearing ties and people dressing up a bit for church. I have not reread my article, but this person seemed to think me a Pharisee and one not concerned for souls because of my take on this. I do not recall making ties a requirement, but this responder acted as if that were my position. Anyway, I still think we should clean up and dress up for meeting at church. The dressing down tendency of today is one of the signs of worldliness in our churches. A hundred years ago, everyone dressed up a bit for church. Are we more spiritual and godly today because we do not? Ties and suits are not obligatory and other cultures will use them less or none at all. That is fine. But they can still dress up a bit. Neither are we talking about the ostentatious show that was a trend at one point in the spiritual decline of the churches. Our clothing is to be moderate in every case. How we dress for something indicates how important that occasion is to us. Though we should work to make everyone welcome, we should dress as if meeting with God in the presence of God's people is also important to us. That may be different for different people, but it is still an expression of our love to the Lord and the importance we place on the occasion.

David Reagan

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Proverbs 5:9

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