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Dome of the Rock

According to an article in the July/August, 2006, edition of "Biblical Archaeology Review," the Muslim Dome of the Rock Mosque built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was designed and built (685-705 A.D.) to declare the triumph of Islam over the other major world religions. It symbolized triumph over Judaism by being built on the site of Solomon's Temple. In fact, one Islamic tradition teaches that the Dome of the Rock is the replacement for the Temple of Solomon. It also symbolized triumph over Christianity by building a grand structure on the devastated Temple Mount that Christians of the time taught would remain desolate until the return of Christ (though this is not taught in scripture). This attitude of predominance is seen in the two inscriptions placed on copper plates over the eastern and southern gates of the mosque: "The Unity of God and the Prophecy of Muhammed are true," and, "The Sonship of Jesus and the Trinity are false."