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A Caring Father (Romans 8:28)

Introductory Thoughts

Since God is responsible for man’s possessions or the lack thereof, some Christians question why God gives a man some things while He withholds from others. Romans 8:28 contains one of the answers as it points out that “all things work together for good.” This does not imply that everything in the believer’s life is enjoyable or good. It means that everything combined results in good. God works in every piece of a believer’s life. He combines all things so that even the supposed bad things result in what is “good” according to the will of God. So long as God is at the controls, contentment teaches man how to be satisfied. Man's conditions, circumstances, and possessions are appropriate because God has worked everything together for the good of that man.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): Most children like to play out in the street. Why would parents not allow their children to play on a busy street? Why would Dad insist on his son only using a sharp knife when he is supervised? Girls love to help their moms cook, yet why do moms insist on removing the food from the oven themselves? These actions reflect the nature of God; He allows or doesn't allow things for our good and well-being.
  • (For everyone): Knowing that God is your Father and that He cares for you, how do you think He feels when a Christian displays discontentment?
  • Look back over your life and think about some of the things that you have desired but never received. Would all of those things have been good for you? What would have happened if God gave them all to you?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask God to help you yield every aspect of your life to His care.
  • Ask God to help you be content in the areas in which you struggle.