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Emotionalism, Revival and Second Blessing

We were watching a DVD on the Welsh Revival of 1904.  We did not finish it because the revival seemed to be based on a second blessing of the Holy Ghost.  Why would the Lord bless an event based on false teaching or are we missing something?  Also, John R. Rice wrote about Moody, R. A. Torrey, and even Spurgeon asking for more of the Holy Spirit to fill them, as in a second blessing. The Lord used them also to save souls. What are your thoughts on this?

Times of revival have almost always been times of great emotional reactions. In fact, many divisions have occurred between believers and churches concerning how to deal with these outbursts. Even some who initially support them will often come to see their harm. However, those who oppose any sort of emotional awakening usually end up on the bad side of history. This is an area where balance is most important.