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God is the Promise Keeper

Paul closes the dispensation portion of Romans (chapters 9-11) with a final promise of Israel’s restoration and a declaration of the unsearchable wisdom of God. The Gentiles presently stand in the center of God’s plan but their fullness will one day “be come in” (v.25). At that time, “all Israel shall be saved” (v.26) and God’s covenant with them (v.27) will be completed.

Their present blindness (v.25) may make them enemies of the gospel (v.28) but they are still “beloved for the father’s sake” (v.28). God will never totally forsake them because His gifts and calling are “without repentance” (v.29). This plan reveals “the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God” (v.33). Only God could design such a plan and only He could execute it. To him “be glory for ever” (v.36).

If God would break His promises to Israel, He might break other promises. But He never does. What other promises can we rest assured that He will keep? How did God deal with Israel when they turned against Him? How might this apply to how the Lord deals with His children in the age of grace?