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Making Criminals of the Saints

From an article in the August 5, 2005, edition of "World" magazine, we learn of the growing dangers in America for those who practice biblical discipline with their children. In South Dakota, a ten year old girl stole a CD from a local Kmart and was grounded. She later lied to her parents about breaking the rules of her grounding and then threw a fit when asked to clean green marker scribbles off the walls and carpet of her room. Her mother spanked her with a belt, giving her six spanks which left no marks or bruises. The girl immediately straightened up and produced the desired behavior. Last December, the South Dakota Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the Department of Human Services that this action was abuse and neglect. In the state of Minnesota, laws on the books give a prison sentence up to a year and fines up to $3,000 for corporal punishment which results "in less than substantial bodily harm." The state includes "any physical pain" as part of its definition for "bodily harm." 65% of Americans still approve of spanking, but we are quickly losing the right to corrrect our children according to the Bible. Certainly, there is abuse and that abuse should be punished, but the above example is not abuse. The real criminals in this story are the courts and the DHS officials.