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Milder Hate

Saudi Arabia is said to be one of our closest allies in the Arab world. However, the textbooks they used for their children were notorious because of the inflamatory statements they contained. After 911, the Saudi's rewrote their textbooks in order to be more sensitive to their allies in the west. Here some examples of their kinder, more gentle approach. FIRST GRADE: "Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words (Islam, hellfire): Every religion other than ______________ is false. Whoever dies outside of Islam enters ____________." FOURTH GRADE: "True belief means . . . that you hate the polytheists and infidels but do not treat them unjustly." SIXTH GRADE: "Just as Muslims were successful in the past when they came together in a sincere endeavor to evict the Christian crusaders from Palestine, so will the Arabs and Muslims emerge victorious, God willing, against the Jews and their allies if they stand together and fight a true jihad for God, for this is within God's power." EIGHTH GRADE: "As cited in Ibn Abbas: The apes are Jews, the people of the Sabbath; while the swine are the Christians, the infidels of the communion of Jesus." TWELFTH GRADE: "Jihad in the path of God -- which consists of battling against unbelief, oppression, injustice, and those who perpetrate it -- is the summit of Islam. This religion arose through jihad and through jihad was its banner raised high. It is one of the noblest acts, which brings one closer to God, and one of the most magnificent acts of obedience to God." If you wish, you can read more.