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Muslim Messiah

It turns out that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President who insists on building nuclear weapons and who promises the extinction of Israel, gains his inspiration from a Islamic messianic cult. This cult fervently prays for the coming of the Moslem Messiah by way of the Twelfth Imam who disappeared in the year 873 as a five year old and is expected to return to inaugurate an era of perfect government on earth. This "Hidden Imam" is also called the Mahdi and his return is expected by various groups within Islam. Some expect the return of a new or Thirteenth Imam. President Ahmadinejad has put 20 million dollars into building a hugh mosque for the Thirteenth Imam. Personal speculation: I wonder if the antichrist might not seek to fulfill the expectations of the Jewish Messiah, the Islamic Imam, and messianic expectations in other religions for the purpose of bringing all religions together in the tribulation. Read more at