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Rejecting the Conversion Experience

Reformed Reconstructionists aim to fill Christian society with their philosophy and doctrine. They are heavily involved in writing material for homeschoolers and are glad to put their own twist on Christian history. James B. Jordan, in "The Failure of the American Baptist Culture" (p.89), declares anabaptism to be basically the same as the ancient heresy of gnosticism. Then, building from this ridiculous charge, he implies that this anabaptist/gnostic view is the view of Baptists and other similar groups today. One way in which he distinguishes what he calls the orthodox view from the gnostic view is by the method of salvation. He states, "The focus of orthodoxy, by way of contrast, is on the objective goverrnment of God. The defining mark of a Christian is not, as in gnosticism, some 'conversion experience,' but rather an evident submission to the government of God, signed and sealed in baptism and manifest in a holy walk." That is, salvation is not a personal experience but an outward submission to the church government sealed by infant baptism. These people are on a mission to destroy the influence of the Baptists in America. They are a fifth column in our battle for truth. Beware of the concision (Philippians 3:2).