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And When the People Complained


Perhaps the most prevalent sin of the Christian today is that of complaining. It is in our nature. How many things have we murmured or complained about today and we were not even conscious of it? In our heart we have strategically placed complaining as one of the smaller sins or perhaps not even sin at all. God, however, has a different outlook on the matter and we would do well to adopt God’s viewpoint versus our own. God tells us in His word “And having food and raiment let us be therewith content”, and in another place He says “and be ye thankful”. Complaining is not so. As such we ought to learn what the scriptures say about complaining and take heed to its warnings.

  1. Complaining Unveils the Heart
    1. The Offended heart complains (John 6:56-61)
    2. The Lustful heart complains (Jude 1:16)
  2. Complaining Hinders Education (Isaiah 29:24)
    1. God sends us through trials that we may learn
    2. Murmuring and complaining negates the lesson
  3. Complaining Troubles the Soul (Psalm 77:3)
    1. Complaining adds to the burden of the soul
    2. Christ wants us to cast our burdens on Him
  4. Complaining Breeds Lies
    1. Israelites said Moses killed the people of the Lord (Numbers 16:41)
      1. The earth opened up and swallowed Korahs people (Numbers 16:30-33)
      2. Then fire came out from the Lord and consumed 250 men that burned incense (Numbers 16:34-35)
    2. Israelites said that God hated them (Deuteronomy 1:27)
      1. They said God hated them
      2. They said that He brought them out to deliver them into the hand of the Amorites
  5. Complaining Displeases the Lord (Numbers 11:1)
    1. God Plans Events in our Life
    2. Complaining is a Direct Attack on God


We need to be reminded not on a weekly basis or even a daily basis but on a moment-by-moment basis, that when we complain it displeases the Lord. It is not spiritual; rather it is of the flesh and shows the filth of our own selfish heart. This is not something that a believer will be victorious over tonight. You will fight it tonight, tomorrow and for the rest of your life, but one thing that is for sure is that the battle is worth fighting.