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It's Almost Suppertime

INTRODUCTION:  Launch Out! – “But our faith makes us abundant in good works. May I say to you, if you are doing all you possibly can for Christ, endeavor to do yet more? I believe a Christian man is generally right when he is doing more than he can; and when he goes still further beyond that point, he will be even more nearly right. There are scarcely any bounds to the possibilities of our service…We need, like the apostles, to launch out into the deep, or our nets will never enclose a great multitude of fishes. If we had but the pluck to come out of our hiding-places, and face the foe, we should soon achieve immense success. We need far more faith in the Holy Ghost. He will bless us if we cast ourselves entirely upon Him.” –from An All-Round Ministry by C. H. Spurgeon (page 22).

  1. HEAVEN IS WORTH THE GETTING (Luke 14:15-16)
    1. Blessed is He (Luke 14:15; Romans 8:18)
    2. A Great Supper (Luke 14:16; Revelation 19:5-9)
  2. ANY EXCUSE WILL DO IT (Luke 14:17-20)
    1. Possessions (Luke 14:18, 33)
    2. Occupation (Luke 14:19, 27)
    3. Relations (Luke 14:20, 26)
  3. REJECTORS WILL BE REJECTED (Luke 14:21, 24)
    1. The Anger of the Lord (Luke 14:21)
    2. The Rejection of Those Who were Bidden (Luke 14:24)
  4. THE ORDER TO GO IS URGENT (Luke 14:21, 23)
    1. We Must Go Quickly (Luke 14:21; Romans 1:16)
    2. We Must Compel the Lost (Luke 14:23)
  5. WE MUST GO OUT TO THE PEOPLE (Luke 14:21, 23)
    1. To the Streets and Lanes of the City (Luke 14:21)
    2. To the Highways and Hedges of the Country (Luke 14:23)
  6. GOD WANTS THE WORLDS UNWANTED (Luke 14:21; Revelation 3:17-18)
    1. The Poor
    2. The Maimed, the Halt, and the Blind
  7. THERE IS YET ROOM FOR MORE (Luke 14:22-23)
    1. Yet There is Room (Luke 14:22)
    2. The House Must Be Filled (Luke 14:23)

CONCLUSION:  Call to Action – “Let not your exertions end in tears; mere weeping will do nothing without action. Get on your feet: ye that have voices and might, go forth and preach the gospel; preach it in every street and lane of this huge city; ye that have wealth, go forth and spend it for the poor and sick and needy and dying, the uneducated, the unenlightened; ye that have time, go forth and spend it in deeds of goodness; ye that have power in prayer, go forth and pray; ye that can handle the pen, go forth and write down iniquity, --every one to his post; every one of you to your gun in this day of battle; now for God and for his truth; for God and for the right; let every one of us who knows the Lord seek to fight under his banner.” By Charles Spurgeon from New Cyclopaedia of Prose Illustrations (page 10).