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Lessons From the Storms of Life

Introduction: The storms and trials of life are as sure to come your way as the breath you just took. Some people seem to live in the midst of a storm, but none of us are exempt from at least passing through them. Storms are not fun and often leave us with damage that we have to deal with. It is important for us to realize though, that the storms of this life bring lessons that we cannot learn apart from them. We must work not to get bitter in the storm but rather rejoice that our Father is allowing us another opportunity to learn.

  1. The Reasons We Go Through Storms
    1. God sends storms to draw us close to Him
    2. Satan attacks with the permission of God (Job 1:12; 2:6)
    3. Troubles are part of life (Job 14:1-2; 5:7)
  2. Storms Give a Better Revelation of Us
    1. The disciples were sailing just fine on their own during the calm but as they sailed He fell asleep (Luke 8:23)
    2. The storm came and was causing problems but the disciples were still trying to do it own their own they were filled with water (Luke 8:23)
    3. When the waves filled the boat and they were in trouble they turned to Him they came to him (Luke 8:24)
  3. Storms Demonstrate the Faithfulness of God
    1. When the sea was calm and the disciples were sailing they gave no thought to the fact that the Lord was keeping the seas calm
    2. When the storm got out of control the disciples were able to see that Jesus was faithful to calm it
  4. Storms Give Us a Better Revelation of Christ
    1. The disciples apparently did not know that the wind and the water had to obey Jesus (Luke 8:25)
    2. This showed them a side of Jesus that they could not have seen without the storm.
    3. Those who were not in the storm had no idea what Jesus could do.
    4. This event proved Jesus Christ to be God (Psalm 65:5-7)
    5. This event showed that Jesus comes to the aid of His own he arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water (Luke 8:24)(See Psalm 78:65-66)(Daniel 3:23-27)
  5. Storms Give Us a Longing for Heaven (Revelation 21:4)
    1. Tears - If we had no tears we could not long for the day when God shall wipe away all tears.
    2. Death If we had no separation in this life we wouldnt know the joys awaiting us in a land where there is no separation.
    3. Sorrow Without the heartaches, troubles and sorrow we wouldnt be longing for a land where no sorrow can enter.
    4. Pain If you had no pains, or ailments in this body you wouldnt know the blessing of receiving a glorified body and dwelling in a land where no sickness can harm you.

Conclusion:  Are you going through a storm? Maybe the Lord sent you into this storm so that you will draw closer to Him.  Maybe this storm is nothing more than an attack from Satan.  Maybe it is just part of this life.  Whatever it is, don’t give up. If the disciples had given up before they awoke the Master, they might have perished. They certainly would not have had the revelation that Christ is the Master of the elements of this world. What is the Lord trying to show you?  If you’ll trust in Him, the fellowship experienced in the midst of this storm may very well be the sweetest fellowship you will experience on this side of eternity.