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What Would You Leave Undone

Introduction:  We live in a day where we have no conviction about finishing.  We say, “just try it out and if it doesn’t work then just quit”.  Yet we see godly examples in the scriptures of people who were finishers.  On the negative side we think of Moses.  He was called to lead the people of God out of Egypt and into Canaan, yet because of sin his course ended outside of the land of Canaan.  On the positive side we think of Caleb, who was faithful to God through it all.  He believed God would give them the land when he spied it out and tried to convince the congregation to no avail.  Yet when the children of Israel enter the land of promise, Caleb is there and at 85 years of age he drives the Anakims out of Hebron and takes it for an inheritance.  We see the greatest example of finishing in our Saviour.  On two different occasions our Lord was able to make the proclamation that He had finished His work.

  1. THE PROCESS OF THE JOB (Luke 14:28)
    1. The Intention to Work intending to build a tower
    2. The Preparation to Work
      1. Sitteth not down first
      2. Counteth the cost
    3. The Plans to Finish the Work
      1. Does he have what it takes to finish?
      2. This is done before the job ever starts.
  2. THE FAILURE OF THE JOB (Luke 14:29-30)
    1. Not Able to Finish
    2. The Reproach of Not Finishing
      1. Those that behold begin to mock him.
      2. They say, This man began to build, and was not able to finish.
    1. In Your Home
      1. A negative change we need to get rid of this
      2. A positive change we need to add this
    2. In Your Relationships
      1. Husband and wife
      2. Parents and children
      3. Other family
      4. Friends
      5. Neighbors
      6. Brothers and sisters in Christ
    3. In the Ministry (Acts 20:24; 2 Timothy 4:7)
      1. A calling
      2. A local ministry

Conclusion:  If tomorrow never made its presence known to you, what would you leave undone?  How many jobs would be left for someone else to complete?  How many people would wonder if you cared?  How many people would remember the conflicts without an attempt at restoration?