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How to Behold the Glory of Christ

If "we would behold the glory of Christ, the present direction is, that on all occasions, and frequently when there are no occasions for it by the performance of other duties, we would abound in thoughts of him and his glory. I intend not at present fixed and stated meditations, which were spoken unto before; but such thoughts as are more transient, according as our opportunities are. And a great rebuke it ought to be unto us, when Christ hath at any time in a day been long out of our minds. The spouse affirms, that ‘ere she was aware, her soul made her as the chariots of Aminadab’ (Song of Solomon 7:12). It so fell out, that when she had no thoughts, no design or purpose for attendance on communion with Christ, that she was surprised into a readiness and willingness unto it. So it will be with them that love him in sincerity. Their own souls, without previous designs or outward occasions, will frequently engage them in holy thoughts of him, which is the most eminent character of a truly spiritual Christian."