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Watch Them Words!

One of the most interesting short verses in the Bible reads, "And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying." In seven simple words (seven being the number of perfection), The Bible identifies the source of what Moses wrote. It did not come from Moses, but directly from the Lord Himself. The words of the law are the words of God. This is an important doctrinal truth. However, I do not know what Bible reference to give you for this verse. It occurs with these exact seven words a total of 72 times in the Bible. 72 is 6 times 12 (6 being the number of man and 12 the number of Israel). Perhaps this indicates that God used Israel to bring His words to man.

The first reference for this quotation is in Exodus 6:10 and the last is in Numbers 35:9. I have found at least 22 other times where these words are found with some additional wording (for instance, "Aaron" may be added as receiving the words or the location is given as "in mount Sinai"). The Lord definitely wanted us to know that Moses was simply reporting the words given to him by God. One bonus to those of you who want to impress your friends with you ability to memorize scripture: say to yourself, "And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying," until you are confident that you have it memorized. Now, tell your friends that you memorized 72 Bible verses in less than ten minutes; the only trouble you are having is in remembering all the references. Have a great day!