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What's Your Excuse?

Evangelist Sam Gipp and his wife recently took a missions trip to Papua New Guinea. While at the airport in Port Moresby waiting to fly out, Kathy Gipp saw an elderly lady sitting alone in a wheelchair and went over to meet her. It turned out that she had flown to PNG by herself. Her name is Mary Weisner and her story is amazing. "She had married a marine who had served in New Guinea during WWII. They lived an ungodly life. At 36 years old they got saved and Bro. Weisner felt called back to PNG to be a missionary. When they arrived in 1965, the village they went to was a 'refuge' village. That meant it was a stronghold for murderers and criminals where police would never enter. In they went.

"Over the next four decades they started several churches and adopted seven native children. (One is the pastor of a church they started.) Their village is an eleven hour march through the jungle. When Mr. Weisner died three years ago, Mrs. Weisner had to come back to the States. She now lives in North Carolina and flies alone to PNG every year to visit her old mission field. She's suffered a broken back, but that still doesn't stop her. Kathy asked her if the different enviornments affected her sleeping and she returned, 'Oh, I could sleep on a pile of coconuts!' From PNG she was going to Singapore for a week where she said she would see a Muslim taxi driver she has been witnessing to for 20 years."

Perhaps the most amazing part of the story is that Mary Weisner is 92 years old! "This dear old sister has been serving Christ most of her life and hasn't yet discovered she's supposed to be too old to keep going." --taken from Evangelist Sam Gipp's Letter.