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We encourage you to browse the following articles about the life and service of the Christian believer and servant of God.

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  • The Answer is in God's Word In times of confusion and apostasy, the answer is still to be found in a return to the plain teaching and preaching of God’s word.  What are you doing to learn God’s precious Bible?
  • The Beauty of Timing - We are so limited in our understanding by having the world in our hearts. Yet God is working all things together to the good of His own people and purposes.

  • The Beggar is a Small Man:  I met a man during a trip to China.  He doesn't know me but he taught me some things.  He reminded me of what God expects from me.  Allow him to do the same for you.

  • Blessed are They That Put Their Trust in God - Who are you trusting in?  A careful examination of this could show you that your trust is in you.  How many blessings do we miss because our trust is in the wrong person?

  • Concerning the Dearth - We must all remember that the mercies of the Lord will not continue forever. If we continue to reject Him, there will be a day when He will not hear. Today is the day of salvation. Come to the Lord while there is still time.

  • Damage That Cannot be Undone - Have you considered that your actions today may brings blemishes to you or your testimony that cannot be undone? A good testimony is one of the most valuable assets you have.  Therefore take heed to yourself.

  • A Declaration of Vanity - What are the things that are most important to you? Judge them by the vanity factor. Do they satisfy? Will they last? How does God view them?

  • Don't Leave the Same Way You Came InChurch services should press us into service for our heavenly sovereign. Are you listening? Do you “behave thyself wisely in the house of God” (1Tim.3:15) so that you can go out by a way other than the one by which you entered?
  • The Fear of Loss Check out today’s news. In what ways are people acting on this fear of loss today? People desire gain and fear its loss. How do these motives keep people from accepting Jesus as their Saviour? How do they keep Christians from serving Christ?
  • Festival of Lights - To most Americans of today, Hanukkah is nothing more than the Jewish answer to Christmas.  What can we learn from this feast that Jesus Himself honored by his attendance?

  • Finding God's Will in the Hedges - What are some of the limitations or hedges that God has put in your life?  Are you using them as a guide or are you rebelling against the Lord by going against His revealed will for you?

  • Five Qualities of a Humble Man What is humility? James says, “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up” (v.10). So, what is humility? How does it work in our lives?
  • God is the Promise Keeper If God would break His promises to Israel, He might break other promises. But He never does. What other promises can we rest assured that He will keep?
  • The Habit of Giving:  Are we commanded to tithe in the age of grace?  What should we be giving if anything to our local churches?  This article deals with giving of finances but also with giving of ourselves.  What kind of habit should we have when it comes to giving?

  • His Word Will Come to PassNo other holy book for any major religion stakes its claim to authority on its ability to foretell the future. Only God’s word, the Holy Bible, takes this chance.
  • Homecoming!  Are you ready for a good old-fashioned homecoming?

  • Judge Me O Lord - When others speak wrongfully of you, what do you do?  Do you take that time to ask God if what is being said is true?  Do you turn to God and ask Him to search your heart for any wrong doing?  You may be surprised what God would do in your heart during the times when you have been done wrong.
  • Keep Your Eye on the Ball - Are you able to concentrate on the task at hand?  Jesus expected His disciples to have this trait.

  • Knowing God - Is knowing God nothing more than an intellectual exercise to the Bible-believer?  Are we allowed to have an experiential knowledge of Him?

  • Life Giving Water:  God's river brings eternal life to the believer in Christ so that “out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”. We are told how the blessed man “shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water”. Have you drunk from the living fountain?
  • Little is Much.  Are you discouraged in the ministry?  Here are a few encouraging quotes from Charles Spurgeon for those in the ministry who feel left behind.

  • The Marring of the Girdle - Do your sins leave you good for nothing in the sight of God?  Would you be willing to seek His face so that you might be a vessel of honour in His hands?

  • Mercy Killing - Is mercy killing or euthanasia acceptable to God?  Should we put to death those who are suffering with a terrible disease?

  • A Miracle of Fire - What is the condition of your personal altar?  Is it in good repair or do you need to work on it? God may not send fire from heaven, but God is ready to do great things in your life if you give yourself to Him.

  • Only a Link in the Chain: Alone, Moses climbed the rugged path to the top of Mount Pisgah in the land of Moab. Though preserved in body and mind, his 120 years (40 of them in the wilderness) made him worn in years and in battles. His last battle was his attempt to enter the Promised Land. He lost. He was to die after seeing the land from the mountain top.

  • Overcoming Defeat with Victory - Sometimes, we find ourselves scattered and astonished. Refuse to trust in the help of man but look only to the God of heaven and earth.  He is the only one who will surely give victory.

  • Praise and Worship God - Do you praise the Lord in your time of prayer?  Do you praise Him in your daily walk of life?

  • Presumptuous Sins & Ignorance - Do you sin because of ignorance to God's law or do you find yourself knowingly transgressing the law of God?

  • Purpose of Our Warfare - In what ways does God work in our lives to make us what we ought to be? What are some examples in your life where God used gentleness with you when He could have been much harsher?

  • Secret Giving Yields Open Reward What are some other Christian works that ought to be done in secret but often are not? What in us desires to be seen of man?
  • I Sought Him Whom My Soul Loveth - How is your love relationship with the Saviour? Does your heart ache when that fellowship is hindered? Do you seek and seek until you find him again?

  • Still the God of Judgment:  Are you undergoing judgment right now? Are you heading for certain judgment because of stubborn disobedience to God? Then repent of your sins and seek God’s mercy. He will hear if you will turn to Him.
  • They Did Not Drive Them Out - What dangers do we face when we do not fully obey the word of God?  Could it be that disobeyed commands today will bring trials and troubles tomorrow?

  • Trials, Suffering and Bitter Herbs - Are your trials like the bitter herbs eaten by the children of Israel?  How can scripture help you with these bitter herbs?

  • Under the Sun Theology - The best the world has to offer can only be perfected in the precepts of God’s word. Are you able to judge between the good, the better and the best?  Let God teach you His discernment and you will be blessed.

  • The Vanity of Life - What would our life be like if nothing existed beyond the world we see? What if all we had was under the sun? How would this change our life, our hopes, our dreams?

  • The Vanity of Luxury - Solomon had more than we could ever imagine and still did not find peace or joy.  Why do possessions not bring happiness?  What should our attitude be toward the things of this world?

  • The Vision of FaithFaith is that unfaltering confidence in the promises of God that makes a man give more, go further, work harder and hold on longer than he would have for any other reason.  What is your faith doing in your own life?
  • The Vow of the Nazarite - A man or woman who took the vow of the Nazarite, did so of their own free will.  It was a person from the depths of their heart wanting to separate from the world and unto God.  Do you love God enough to separate yourself unto Him?

  • What are You Working For What kind of meat are you working for? The multitude followed Jesus across the Sea of Galilee when they saw that He could feed them. They wanted to know what they needed to do in order to keep getting bread.  What is your bread? Or meat? Is it to know God and to do His will?
  • What Children Learn From Their Parents - Whether you are aware of it or not your children will learn from you.  Is what they are learning going to be good for them or will it lead them into troubles?

  • What Kind of Ground are You Have you allowed the seed to take root in your heart? Have you trusted in Jesus Christ (who died for your sins on the cross and arose from the dead to give you eternal life) as your personal Saviour? If so, are you bearing fruit for Him?

  • Zeal Without Knowledge - You know how preachers are always telling you to be enthusiastic?  Well, it's also important to be heading in the right direction.


  • Longing for the Courts of the Lord - A modern hymn which follows the 84th Psalm in old style

  • Joy to the World - Background on the old Watts' Hymn and a new one called Before the Lord Rejoice

  • In the Word - Using verses written by Isaac Watts, the tune of At the Cross, and a new chorus, we have a hymn that exalts the word of God.


  • No Call For Help - The greatest single-day loss of battleships in British history.  What happened?

Practical Holiness

  • Bible Reading Plan for Beginners:  Have you tried to read you Bible through but got bogged down?  Here is a plan for beginners.  Perhaps this is where you should start.

  • Bible Study: Its Importance to Christian Growth - Introduction to concepts like inspiration, inerrancy, canon of scripture and the place of Bible study in the Christian life.

  • Child Discipline: Proper Use of Spanking: Eight modern misconceptions about spanking corrected from the scriptures with much practical advice for parents.

  • Contentment Quiz: Are you brave enough to take a quick quiz?  Are you truly content in your life?

  • Debt Free the Bible Way:  If you are continually strapped financially and are sick and tired of it, God has help for you. Here are some practical Bible precepts of financial management.

  • Difference Between Good and Bad Music:  A series of short articles by Alan Ives on good music and how to tell the difference.

  • Get Through Prayer - Discipleship lesson on how to get answers from God through prayer.

  • Giving the Tithe and Offering - The problems, proportion and promise of giving.  Another discipleship lesson from Donnie Melton.

  • Grace in Judgment:  Have things been going wrong in your life?  Are you struggling whether or not you are being judged by God?  Then read these helps for those who are being chastened by God.

  • Importance of Good Music: We know that music is a controversial issue for Christians.  Why is it also an extremely important issue.

  • Jesus and the Death Penalty:  Most theologians agree that, if Jesus were here today, He would oppose the death penalty.  Most theologians are wrong.

  • March Music Versus Dance Music: We are to march in the army of the Lord.  But the devil wants us to dance.  There is a difference.  Alan Ives shows how you can tell the difference.

  • Owe No Man - Romans 13:8 tells us to owe no man anything but love.  But, does this mean that we cannot incur any kind of debt?

  • Personal Soul Winning - What is soul winning?  Whose responsibility is it to win souls?  What should you be doing?

  • Personal Testimony:  How should your life shine forth as a living testimony?  What is the Christian's call to separation and service?  Discipleship lesson.

  • Praying for Patience - Have you been frightened from praying for patience by some carnal Christian?  Will the real man or woman of God stand up?

  • Praying in the Name of Jesus - Do you close your prayers in Jesus' name?  Why is it important to pray in His name?  Why is simply saying the words not enough?

  • Recreation as Re-Creation:  When is the list time you got rested up?  Does God allow Christians to take a break from work and service?

  • Responsibility to God's Word:  Outlines our need to read, memorize, study and meditate on God's word.  Includes forty (40) Bible study questions to be used in basic Bible study.

  • Seven Myths of Education:  We always hear of the benefits of education.  The Bible tells us what it cannot do.

  • Thanksgiving - the Perfect Sacrifice: Leviticus 7:11-15 - What does Thanksgiving mean to you.  See how the Levitical thanksgiving offering reveals the power of a thankful heart.

  • To China With Love - The Call:  A young lady tells of her call to China as a missionary.  This is the first in a series.

  • When Life Becomes a Bore:  Scriptural suggestions on how to deal with work stress and overload.

  • Why I Still Wear a Tie to Church: Unlike the wooly mammoth, my tie refuses to totally disappear.

  • Work: Blessing or Curse - What does the Bible say about work.  An excellent study by Jonathan Hewett.


Preachers and Church Ministry

  • Be Fruitful and Multiply - The Missing Ministry in Today's ChurchesPastor Reagan teaches the doctrinal and practical importance of churches bringing forth other churches.  This is followed by a response to a pastor seeking practical advice on how to get started.
  • Be Fruitful and Multiply: Genesis 9:1 - Listen to Bible College class from the course on Dispensations. Deals with the need to plant churches and how the commission given to Noah teaches this. Has outline used in the class.
  • Funeral in China - Moving, first-hand account of modern-day funeral in China.  Great missionary illustration.
  • The Good Samaritan of Today:  The Good Samaritan preaches Christ to those who are fallen and wounded by the world, while religion passes by leaving the destitute in their miserable state.
  • Men of God - Men Who Abide:  Abiding in Christ is for all believers but it is especially important for those who minister to others.  What is it?  How do we practice this abiding?  Do you abide in Christ?
  • Men of God - Men Who Abound: To abound literally means to go over the bounds. Men of God cannot be halfway Christians. They cannot go just far enough and then quit. They must overflow. The abundance that comes from God comes in His way and in His time. Are you living the Christian life to its fullest? Is your zeal for the Lord real and consistent?
  • Men of God - Men Who Administrate:  Some preachers seem to think the taking care of details and mundane administration as beneath their dignity.  This teaching outline shows what God thinks about it.
  • Missions Giving at Antioch Baptist Church:  Our church has a part in supporting over 30 missionaries all over the world.  We are the sending church for four of them.  Here is how we give to missions.
  • Musings for the Man of God: Thoughts from the desk of Pastor Reagan that have come from many years of Christian service. They are sure to be a help to any Christian, but especially the man of God.

  • Updated occasionally.
  • Porn on Display: Don't look! Don't grumble under your breath! Do something about it!!! Here is something you can do.
  • Single & Serving - Does God use single ladies in His work or do they just need to wait until they find a husband?

News Briefs

  • Is the IRS a Terrorist?  Is the real terrorist in America the IRS?  Some people think so.  How should we respond as Bible-believers?
  • March, 2002: Largest church in Africa; Hybel and Schuller embrace Muslims; one of Osama bin Laden's favorite quotes; the banning of dodge ball; Muslims in England; and more...
  • Superman and Stem Cell Research:  Does it matter how many babies are killed if we can benefit?  Christopher Reeve does not think it does.

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