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Bible Issues

Is the Bible the true word of God?  Is it reliable and faithful?  Do we have the word of God in the English language?  What about all the different versions?  These and many other questions trouble believers and nonbelievers alike.  The content in this section will deal with these and similar issues.  Browse this page for the newest items or go to the subcategories for the archived material.

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  • Straining at Brass: Bible critics are a desperate group of people who go to great lengths to elevate their learning in an attempt to remove themselves from under the authority of God’s written revelation. The word “brass” is no different for it is one of the chief “evidences” offered by critics to “prove” the Bible contains errors.
  • Unicorns in the Bible:  Is the King James Bible in error because it speaks of unicorns?  Should the Bible say "wild ox" instead of the word "unicorn"?  If the King James Bible is correct what kind of an animal is the unicorn?
  • The King James Bible:  A list of content on LearntheBible about the King James Bible.
  • Charity or Love:  The Greek word "agape" is translated both into both "charity" and "love" in the New Testament so what is the difference?
  • Inconsistent Translation in the King James Bible-  Why did the King James translators use different English words for the same Greek or Hebrew word?  Is this just another one of those errors on their part?
  • The Love of Money - 1Timothy 6:10:  Should this verse read that the love of money is the root of "all kinds of evil" or "all evil"?
  • Facts About the New King James:  It's claim is that it is a New King James but that is a lie.  Find out the truth.
  • Final Authority - Chapter 1:  An excerpt from the book Final Authority by Dr. William P. Grady.  This chapter was written to warn the child of God of the war that has been waged against our Bible.
  • Psalm 12:  There is much confusion among people as to the object of God's preservation as mentioned in Psalm 12.  What do we learn from looking at the passage verse by verse?
  • "Strain at" or "Strain Out" a Gnat": Many say that this is a misprint and should have been "strain out a Gnat". Is this true?



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