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Bible Issues - Problem Texts

Is the Bible the true word of God?  Is it reliable and faithful?  Do we have the word of God in the English language?  What about all the different versions?  These and many other questions trouble believers and nonbelievers alike.  The content in this section will deal with these and similar issues.

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  • Baptism in the King James Bible-  Did the translators err in using the word "baptism"?

  • Charity or Love:  The Greek word "agape" is translated both into both "charity" and "love" in the New Testament so what is the difference?

  • Contradiction in Ezekiel 24:7? - Do the different readings of Ezekiel 24:7 in different editions of the King James Bible prove it to be wrong?

  • Groves - Groves are spoken against much in the King James Bible and are spoken of much by the New Age disciples.  However, they are often ignored in the newer Bible versions.  This article considers why.

  • The Love of Money - 1Timothy 6:10:  Should this verse read that the love of money is the root of "all kinds of evil" or "all evil"?

  • Occam's Razor and Acts 12:4 - Many Bible teachers have given their reasons for the presence of Easter in Acts 12:4.  What is the easiest answer?  Read to find out.

  • Only Begotten Son: the Battle for John 1:18 - Jesus has gone from the "only begotten Son" to the "only begotten God" to the "One and Only."  How did this happen and what does it mean?

  • Straining at Brass: Bible critics are a desperate group of people who go to great lengths to elevate their learning in an attempt to remove themselves from under the authority of God’s written revelation. The word “brass” is no different for it is one of the chief “evidences” offered by critics to “prove” the Bible contains errors.



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