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Online Sermons

Welcome to our free online sermons page. We hope to be the central location for your search for audio sermons and sermon outlines. This page will have our newest items and you may search by audio sermons or sermon outlines.

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  • Christians and Santa Claus - Colossians 2:8: Many believers could be greatly offended that we would even deal with the issue of Santa Claus. ďIt is innocentĒ, you can hear them say. Yet a careful look into the scriptures would deny that this lie is anywhere near innocent.

  • New Wine in New Bottles - Luke 5:33-39: Why do the disciples of Jesus not fast like the disciples of John and the disciples of the Pharisees? 1) Their circumstances are different (their bridegroom is with them). 2) The message Christ brings does not just amend the old way; it is radically different and brings complete change.

  • Unstable Souls - Genesis 49:2-3: This is a message preached from David F. Reagan a year before his departure from this world. His hope was that this would be a message of help, encouragement and warning.

  • Merchants of Souls - Ezekiel 13:17-21: Interpretation of the women that sew pillows to armholes and hunt for the souls of men Ė soothsayers; fortune tellers, sorcerers. The ones Ezekiel is called to pronounce judgment against are hunting the souls of Godís people and polluting God among His people. This points to a broader application. This message focuses on those who make merchandise of Godís people in order to pollute God among His people.

  • Ye are the Branches - John 15:1-8: God must really enjoy gardens, trees and flowers. He planted a garden eastward in Eden and walked there with Adam (Genesis 2:8; Genesis 3:8). The Lord Jesus during His earthly ministry resorted oftentimes to a garden place to pray and near the throne of God we find a river and a tree of life bearing fruit. In John 15, were likened to branches shooting forth from the vine. This vine represents the Lord Jesus. God is the husbandman and He cares for the fruitfulness of the branches. What would He find should He come today?

  • Be Clothed with Humility - 1Peter 5:5-7: Clothed with humility (1Peter 3:3-4); as pride is the primary and base sin (1Timothy 3:6), so humility can be seen as the primary and base virtue (Proverbs 15:33).

  • Lessons from the Encampment - Numbers 2:1-2: Here is a group of people who have escaped the wrath of God by putting their faith in the shed blood of a Passover lamb. They are in the midst of a strange place traveling to a land that flows with milk and honey. We find that God is giving instructions for how the Israelites are to camp. Now we will find a few principles that will help us as we travel through our own wilderness. Have you been making light of the details of your life?  Have you been disobedient to God in those areas?  Have you considered what your disobedience in those areas is doing to those around you?

  • Inspiration - 2Timothy 3:14-17: Inspiration is the act of God by which He made every word of Scripture completely without error and completely what He wanted. It is equally as vital as is the doctrine of revelation and the doctrine of preservation. Do you have the inspired word of God?

  • Not Without Blood - Hebrews 9:7: The Bible says that God requires a blood sacrifice. Some preachers say that if Jesus had not shed any blood, then His death would not have been a valid sacrifice. The question is why does God require a blood sacrifice--the life of the flesh is in the blood (you can not live without blood), but you can die without bleeding. What is the significance of the blood sacrifice

  • ĒSpecial Revelation - Amos 3:7: General revelation is Godís revelation of truth to all men at all times. It comes through means such as circumstances (or Godís providential working in the affairs of men), conscience (the inner knowledge of men), and creation. Special revelation is Godís revelation to special or particular people at special or particular times (Hebrews 1:1).


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