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Creation Science

Welcome to our Creation Science page.  We hope this section will aid you in your defense of Biblical science.

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  • Creation Science Resources:  Can you recommend any material that can help me to learn more about Creation Science?

  • Personal Testimony:  Read the personal testimony of Bro. Hoyt.  Find out what brought him to the interest in science and see how the Lord is using this interest.

  • Seminars:  Interested in hearing more about Creation Science?  See what seminars Bro. Hoyt is offering.


  • The Bible - Science or Fiction:  There are many today who would hold the view that the Bible is a good Book, possibly a Holy Book, but certainly not a scientific Book. Is this a fair view of the Bible, or could it be that it is a far more scientific Book than we give it credit for?

  • Adaptation and Living Molecular Machine Systems:  At the fundamental unit of life, the cell, there is a technology in place with amazing capabilities.  We are not just a combination of a few simple parts designed to move and operate in certain ways.  Our parts have parts, and those parts have parts, and those parts have parts.  And all these parts are integrated and coordinated systematically at all levels top to bottom.

  • Adaption - Example of Evolution or not?  I have just recently discovered that our jaws are getting smaller, more people are having their wisdom teeth removed due to pain and complications, and some people are born without wisdom teeth. Does it say anything in the Bible about de-evolution or adaption?

  • Ape to Man:  What are the errors in the Ape to Man theory?  Why are these problems swept under the rug by those presenting evolution as fact?  How can one combat these problems and be accurate in science?  This article deals with a documentary shown by a television station on the subject of Ape to Man.

  • An Atheist Because of Science:  Many today are atheists because they have been taught the science proves there is no God.  Is this real science or what the Bible calls "science falsely so called"?

  • World Famous Atheist Converted:  Antony Flew, a world famous atheist, has been converted to a belief in God due to the overwhelming scientific evidence of a super intelligent creator.

  • Cambrian Explosion Disproves Evolution:  One of the most remarkable pieces of evidence disproving evolution is the “Cambrian Explosion”   Most textbooks never mention it, and the ones that do relegate it to a short phrase or paragraph as if it is some insignificant detail.

  • Does Religion Deny Evolution:  I'm a biology student and I had a question.  Does religion deny evolution?  If evolution is true why are we the only creatures to have souls?

  • Evolutionists are Unbiased:  It is important to understand that scientific investigation does not take place in a vacuum, but rather by individuals who all maintain beliefs and biases.  This articles examines how biased evolutionists are in reality.

  • Global Flood on Mars but Not on Earth:  One of the most amazing admissions of inconsistency in secular science is this issue of a global flood on Mars.  As incredible as it may sound, there are secular scientists that actually propose that there was a global flood on the red planet.

  • The Human Eye:  I have been reading a book written in the 17th century which claims that animals do not have the eye muscle that is required to look up. However, man has a special muscle for looking up. Is this true about the muscles in the eye?

  • Intelligent Design Belongs in Church:  A critique of an article by Mort Kondracke.  In this article Will Hoyt goes point by point answering the accusations made by Mort Kondrake attacking the possibility of a designer in creation.

  • Scientific Definition of Evolution:  As a believer, you are going to confront others who will scoff at you because you don't believe in evolution.  The only problem is that most believers don't really know what all the term evolution involves.  See this article that defines evolution in an easy to understand way.

  • Thinking About the Brain:  The adult brain weighs just three pounds, yet it is more powerful, complex and intriguing than thousands of supercomputers.  Find out more fascinating details.

  • T-Rex Soft Tissue Discovered:  A group of Paleontologists in Montana recently discovered soft tissues in a thigh bone from a Tyrannosaurus Rex they were excavating.  This fossil T-Rex with soft tissues offers conclusive evidence that dinosaurs did not go extinct millions of years ago, but are creatures that coexisted contemporaneously with humans.

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