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Links to Learn the Bible

Welcome to the new Learn the Bible Links Page!  We are going to try a different kind of link page.  As we find free material on the web that we feel can be a help to the Christian we will link to it.  We will be dividing it by topic and perhaps by scripture.  If you would like to go directly to the websites and ministries link page just click the link below.

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Church and Ministries Links Page


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Bible Issues

  • The Answer Book:  This is a link to the free online book that was written to answer 62 common questions about the King James Bible.  Written by Sam Gipp

Bible Study Tools

  • Audio Bible:  Every chapter of the Bible is available as read by Alexander Scourby.  You can go to any chapter and listen or you can start as Genesis 1 and go all the way through.
  • Bible Atlas Online:  Are you trying to find the location of something you are studying in the scriptures?  Check out these online Bible maps.
  • Dictionary:  An online dictionary of words found in the King James Bible.
  • Pronunciation Help:  This page has audio and textual help for pronouncing difficult Bible words.  We would not agree with much of their material but this can be a help to you.  Done by Net Ministries, Inc.
  • Topical Study:  Here is a website that offers topical studies.  For example you can do a study on "salvation" in the Bible and see many of the verses dealing with this subject.

Christian Living

  • Deciding Questionable Things for a Christian:  There are some things that we are not given a direct commandment against in scripture yet we should still not do them.  How do we know what we should and shouldn't do when not given a clear command?  This will help.  Written by Curtis Hutson.


  • Colossians Commentary:  The Book of Colossians is a treasure in itself.  It is as though the Lord brings you into the palace and says I have something very special to show you.  It is this treasure, which is Christ in you the hope of glory.  If you want to learn more about your Saviour then study Colossians.  Written by Pastor James Modlish 
  • Zechariah Commentary:  The Book of Zechariah is one of the most fascinating studies you will ever do.  This is an online commentary of the Book of Zechariah done by Pastor James Modlish.

Creation Science

  • Cambrian Explosion Disproves Evolution:  One of the most remarkable pieces of evidence disproving evolution is the “Cambrian Explosion”   Most textbooks never mention it, and the ones that do relegate it to a short phrase or paragraph as if it is some insignificant detail.  An article refuting evolution written by Will Hoyt.


  • Cremation - What does God Think?  Is cremation a matter of Christian liberty? Where have God's people stood on this issue in the past and what insight can we gain from the word of God?  Written by David Cloud

Ecumenical Movement

  • The Way:  An article that pleas with the reader to remember the words of Christ, when He said "I am the way".  We are living in a day when people think all religions are the same.  Praise the Lord some are still crying "come out from among them".  Written by Glen Moore

False Religions

  • Catholic Heresies:  A chart providing dates when the Catholic institution adopted various heresies and traditions.  Compiled by Stephen L. Testa.

  • Koran Contradictions:  Bro. Paulson has done an in depth study on the Koran and has found many contradictions.  Yet another proof that the Koran is not the word of God.  Written by Mike Paulson.

  • Mohammed on Jesus:  If the God of Islam is the same as the God of Christianity then there opinion of Jesus Christ should be the same.  Right?  Well take a look at what Allah's prophet had to say about God's Son.  Written by David W. Daniels


  • What's Wrong with Gambling?  We have heard all of the lies about the benefits of lotteries and casinos and other means of gambling and sadly many Christians have fallen prey, but what should we know about gambling?  Written by Doug Stauffer


  • Street Preacher's Manual:  This is an online book to aid street preachers, by giving information on the proper ways to reach people through street ministry.  We had better take advantage of this right while we have it.  Written by Gerald Sutek.


  • Bible Guidelines for Christian Music:  A study of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) comparing it to the guidelines set forth in the word of God for music.  If you will read it with a open heart you will be amazed at the corruption of so-called Christian Music.  Dial the Truth Ministries


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