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Questions and Answers

Several people requested a questions and answers section, so here it is. We will try to put scripture references in the description when possible to help you find what you are looking for. The questions and answers below are the newest items. You may search the archived items by clicking on the various topics.

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  • Studying the Bible: Some of the great characteristics of the Bible are its complexity, depth, and sheer volume. God did not send just a little information, but He sent us everything He wanted us to have in this life to learn about Him, His love for us, His provision of salvation, and how to live life victoriously through Him. The Bible isnít a book that you can read through once and set aside saying, ďThatís done.Ē This question and answer is written to encourage you with a few thoughts on why Bible study is profitable, how to begin, and what you can do when questions arise.

  • Mammon of Unrighteousness: In Luke 16 1-12 I don't understand why the master praised the unjust steward for being a thief. Can you please explain.

  • Wearing Shorts To Work:  I am a saved male and wanted to know if it was ok to wear shorts on extremely hot days. The shorts would pass the knees and only be worn at work. My pastor said we should cover our legs past our thighs and be modest in our dress but on hot and humid days it is almost unbearable.

  • Jewish Burial: I understand Jewish custom dictates that the body is to be buried with earth to speed the return of the soul to nature or to God. If this is true, why was Christ, a Jew, placed in a rock tomb and not buried in the earth? Please explain the purpose of the Jewish custom too.

  • Death Before Salvation: If someone is murdered before they had a chance to be saved  (especially a young person), will they still obtain salvation? The person who committed the crime of the unsaved, if they are saved & confess/repent, will they still receive salvation even if the person they murdered doesn't?

  • Denominations: If Christ can not be divided and he teaches there is only one church and one way, how can we know which church (denomination) is the right one?

  • Let God Be True, But Every Man A Liar: Do the Jehovah's Witness believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ?

  • Who is Antichrist?: Who is the antichrist mentioned in the Bible?

  • Noah's Fish: Aboard Noah's ship were pairs of every kind of land animal and birds. Were creatures of the ocean also aboard his ship?

  • Isaiah 24: Explain this chapter.

  • Creation of Heaven and Hell: In Genesis 1 it says that God created the heavens. When was heaven created? Also, when was hell created. Was it before or after the fall of Lucifer and his angels?

  • Favor of God: What does having the favor of God mean?

  • Incarnated Jesus: Was Jesus incarnated? Is the virgin birth necessary for incarnation?

  • Jesus Before His Birth: Did the Trinity as we know it, God the Father, God the Son (also known as the Word), and God the Holy Ghost exist before creation? In other words, was Jesus known as Jesus prior to his being born as a man?

  • Worship In Spirit: What does it mean when it says that God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit?

  • Supplication: What does the word supplication mean?

  • Is Smoking A Sin?: Is smoking cigarettes a sin and if so why is it so hard for me to quit?

  • Who is Us?: My question pertains to Genesis 3:22. Specifically, in whom is God referring to when he states Adam is one of us, who is us? Is this the triune God?

  • Is Jesus God?: Is Jesus a God?

  • Commanding God: Please explain to me what Isaiah 45 :11 means. Can we command the hands of God in our lives?


Open the Bible Question Form to send your own question.


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