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Church Administration, Methods, Worship, etc.

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  • Anointing with Oil:  Do Christians require anointing oil, i.e. olive oil, to heal the sick, as instructed in James?
  • Baptism - Church Membership: What is the correlation/connection between water baptism and church membership? I see where Acts 2:41 references both baptism and adding to the church in the same context, but have not found where baptism is clearly required for church membership. 
  • Church Arms:  Is it scriptural for churches to plant more churches?  Is a church unscriptural if they were started because of a split?  What is a church arm?
  • Church Decorating:  Recently our church purchased two fake trees to put on each side of the choir.  Could this be similar to bringing groves into the church? 
  • Church of Christ Doctrine: Are musical instruments scriptural for churches today? Is the Church of Christ considered a denomination? Pastor Reagan was told by his father in the ministry "All practices of the church fit into three categories: the scriptural, the unscriptural, and the non-scriptural." Click on the title to see these and more explained.

  • Church or Building: Is the church the building as we know it today or is it the body.

  • Confirmation - Can it Save:  My wife is a Methodist and she says she has been confirmed.  Is this the same as salvation or not?
  • Contemporary Worship: The members of our church are in a dispute regarding songs being sung during the church service - older people like hymns while younger/middle aged people like choruses with drums, guitars, etc.  Some of us traditional people wonder if we aren't letting the "world" dictate the style of worship we have.  Does the Bible deal with this subject?
  • Denominations: If Christ can not be divided and he teaches there is only one church and one way, how can we know which church (denomination) is the right one?

  • Doctrinal Differences Between the Baptists and Lutherans: I am a Southern Baptist. My daughter, who is 11, has a best friend who my daughter sometimes attends church with. Her friend is of the Lutheran faith. Can you please explain to me the differences between the two doctrines?

  • Expository Preaching:  I need some help. I am a preacher, an assistant pastor of a church.  I was wondering if you knew of anywhere I could find some courses for expository preaching?  My main focus is to be able to preach God's word in its fullness and not in my opinion.  If you could help me find anything on this I would appreciate it.
  • Finding a Church:  What should we look for when trying to find a Biblical church? Are there certain things that we should watch out for?
  • Handshakes in the Church:  At church we spend about 10-15 minutes greeting each other and it makes me feel uncomfortable.  My question is, is it right for men and women to be shaking each others hand?
  • Husband of One Wife:  We have been going over the qualifications of a bishop and I was wondering if a divorced man can Pastor or not?
  • Internet Sermons:  Is it wrong to preach an outline that you got off of the internet?
  • Laying on of Hands:  My question is what is the significance of laying on hands; or what does the laying on of hands represent? On the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) the Holy Spirit fell on all assembled without the laying on of hands.
  • Lent:  Should we participate in this man made holiday?
  • Licensed or Ordained: What is the difference between a licensed preacher and an ordained preacher. Can a licensed preacher do weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc?

  • The Lord's Supper:  Our Pastor believes the Church cannot participate in the Lord's Supper until we get everything right.  Is this Biblical?
  • The Money in the Church:  Who should have the control of money that is given to the Church?
  • Music in the New Testament Church:  Are instruments allowed in the worship service? What should be the purpose of the music in a worship service?  All of this and more is covered in this article.
  • The Origin of Sunday and Wednesday Evening Services: When did the practice of mid-week and Sunday evening services start? Who started this practice?
  • Pastor Emeritus: If a pastor becomes pastor emeritus and his son becomes pastor and some disagreements become evident, what is the biblical application?
  • Pastor - Is This Term Scriptural in the New Testament:  My first question concerns the epistles of Timothy and Titus.  Why is it that these are called, pastoral epistles ?  Seeing that the only church authority and responsibility that Paul discusses are the eldership positions of the Bishop and Deacon.  Paul never writes or speaks using the word pastor.  So I have never been able to find a link between the eldership roles and that of pastor.
  • Pastor Leaving: When is it time for a pastor to leave a church? Are there times that a pastor should stay and see the hard times through? Whether or not a pastor stays at a church can only be determined between that man and God.
  • Problems in New Churches:  What are some of the problems faced by a newly started church?
  • The Prophet and the Prophetess:  What is a prophet or a prophetess?  How does the Prophet compare to the Evangelist of today?
  • Prophetic Banners in Church: It seems that there is a new fad in churches today with making "prophetic" banners which has to be changed every now and then. the danger is not in the banners themselves, but why is the church doing this? Who are they following?
  • Public Prayer:  I would like to know where the custom of praying in church came from. As I try and find it in the Bible, it says that we are not to pray publicly, but we are to go to our closets and pray in private.
  • Raising of Hands or Saying Hallelujah in a Worship Service: What should be our practice concerning external displays of worship in public services?
  • Revival:  Will revival come before the Lord comes back and if so what will it take for revival to come?
  • Should I Leave My Church:  My husband and myself have been members of a church going on 3 yrs. We can read our bibles daily and we pray daily together at home and we can feel the presence of the holy spirit at home but not in our church, we do not want to get out of church but we are not excited to go to our church any longer we use to love it, we don't feel welcome at our church everyone seems cold there and in 3 years our church has not grown any. Is this something all Christians go through with their church?
  • Shouting in Church:  Is shouting Biblical to do in the house of God or is it necessary?
  • Speaking in Tongues: Are tongues for today? Deals with the sign gifts of Mark 16 (snake handling, drinking deadly poison) and 1Corinthians 14.
  • Standing Against False Doctrine: I was just looking at your website and I don't understand why Christians can write such hateful speech about other Christians who might disagree or struggle to believe their point of view.

  • Summary of Major Baptist Groups From the 17th to 19th Century:  What groups existed during this time in history?  What is the difference between the Particular, General and Seventh Day Baptists?
  • Sunday Worship:  Most Christian denominations worship on Sunday except for the Seventh Day Adventist. Which is right?
  • Tithing:  What is the tithe and how should we give it?  Also should it be given from the gross or net?
  • Twice Married Deacon's Wife: The scriptures teach that a deacon must be the husband of one wife. Does this also apply to he wife of a deacon so that she would need to be the wife of one husband?

  • What is a Bishop?  Is the Bishop the same as a Pastor?
  • The Widow Indeed:  What is the biblical pattern for supporting widows?  Does every widow qualify for this support?  Who is responsible for their support?

  • Women Deacons:  Is it Biblical for a woman to hold the office of a deacon?
  • Women Pastors:  Why does the Bible forbid women to pastor?
  • Women Saying Amen in Church:  Could you please explain 1 Corinthians 14:34 to me please?  I heard a statement that a lady made, that her husband said it's not right for a woman to say amen in church, that a woman should not speak. Could you please give me what God has shared with you on this subject?
  • Women Voting:  When the Bible teaches that women are to keep silence in the church does that mean that women cannot vote in a business meeting?

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