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  • 42 Generations: Name the 42 generations that Jesus came down through.

  • A Wife for Isaac: Why did Abraham want his son to get a wife from a far land?

  • Abode of the Saints: What happens to a saved person after they die? Are they asleep or are they already in Heaven?
  • Acts 2:38: What does Acts 2:38 mean and does it apply today?
  • Adam and Original Sin: If Adam sinned and fell, why should we need salvation? How can the sin of Adam affect us?
  • The Age of Accountability: Many people have taught the idea that there is an age at which a child becomes accountable to God. Is this a scriptural teaching and if so, what age would it be?
  • The Age of the Widow: How old is threescore and in 1Timothy 5:9 does this mean the church is not responsible for widows until they reach this age?

  • Alexander, Hymenaeus, Jannes, Jambres and Philetus: The scripture speaks negatively of each of these individuals. Some were delivered unto Satan and of others it is said they erred concerning the faith. What happened to each one and why were they dealt with the way they were?
  • Anointing with Oil: Do Christians require anointing oil, i.e. olive oil, to heal the sick, as instructed in James?
  • Apostles and Genealogies: There seem to be a difference in the names of the twelve disciples found in Mark 3:16-19 and Luke 6:13-16. The only solution for this contradiction is to ASSUME that Thaddaeus is Judas. Do you have any proof of this? Also, There is a difference in Jesus Genealogy found in Matthew chapter 1 and Luke chapter 3. What annoys me is that one of the gospels traces Jesus back to Solomon while the other traces it back to Nathan. How can we explain that?

  • Are Sins Equal?: Are all sins created equal? For example, like comparing someone who committed suicide to someone who said God's name in vain. Would they both receive the same punishment?
  • A Balance in Salvation: When it comes to spiritual things, people often fail to keep a biblical balance. This results from partial knowledge of doctrine. The requirements for salvation in an individual are no different.

  • Baptism - Church Membership: What is the correlation/connection between water baptism and church membership? I see where Acts 2:41 references both baptism and adding to the church in the same context, but have not found where baptism is clearly required for church membership. 
  • Baptism for Salvation: Can I get scriptures that support baptism as part of salvation besides mark 16:16?

  • Baptism of the Holy Ghost - How do you lead someone into receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Are we suppose to what we call (tarry) with them?
  • Baptized in Jesus Name: I have been baptized in father son and holy ghost I have repented of my sins and have received the holy ghost. I started at a new Apostolic church. Last week it was brought to my attention that if I wasn't baptized in Jesus name I would not enter the kingdom of God. I publicly acknowledge Jesus and I have always believed that my baptism was right. If I have been baptized in the father son and holy ghost and he is one isn't that the same as being baptized in Jesus name?
  • Beginning of the Grace Age: When did the grace age begin and will it last 2,000 years?
  • Being Born Again: Could you please explain what it means to be "born again"?
  • Being Troubled About the Sabbath:  Do you have people telling you that you have taken the mark of the beast by worshipping on Sunday?  Do they try to convince you that you are evil because you do not keep the sabbath?  Here are some pointers on how to handle this confrontation.
  • Believers and the Tribulation: Present believers will not go through any part of the 70th week (also known as the seven-year tribulation) and we will not know the antichrist before the rapture. I base this on three simple principles (instead of endless arguments over lengthy passages).
  • Between Death and Judgment: What happens to the soul when you die? Does the soul stay in limbo until the judgment?
  • Bible Chronology Helps: I noticed in the classes you talk about verses and their timeline. What book helps to get this information? I am referring to when a certain book is written or by whom and when it was written.
  • Biblical Perfection: Does the Bible teach us to be sinless? If so can we attain this lofty goal? Is it possible that the word perfect is a mistranslation?
  • Bigamy in the Old Testament: Why does 2Samuel 12:8 say that God gave wives (plural) to David if it was intended for man to have only one wife?

  • The Bitter Michal:  Michal was the daughter of Saul and the wife of David.  What kind of person was she and did she have a heart for the things of God?

  • Blood Line Curses: Can you please give me more information on blood line curses?
  • Blood Sacrifices:  When we look at the death of Christ on the cross, we find that His blood is a key factor in several aspects of our salvation. Why does God require a blood sacrifice? What is the significance of the blood sacrifice?
  • Blotting out of Names - The Book of Life: If our salvation is secure, how can Christ blot out our name?
  • The Body of Christ: Is the Church the Body of Christ? What Church is this referring to?
  • Body Piercing: Is it all right to pierce our body when it is supposed to be the temple of the Holy Spirit?

  • The Bodies of Saul and His Sons: Why were the bodies of King Saul and his sons burned instead of buried in 1Samuel 31:12? Since the Jews normally buried and did not burn (or cremate) their dead, this burning of the bodies of Saul and his sons raises the question as to why they did differently here.
  • The Book of Life: Revelation 22:19 ends with "...God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." Does this refer to a loss of salvation.

  • By Water and Blood: in 1John 5:6 the Bible says that Jesus came by water and blood. What is this talking about? Does this point to the water and blood that flowed from Jesus' side when He was speared, to the water of baptism, to water as a type of the word of God or is it pointing to something else?

  • Cain's Offering: What biblical quotes can be deduced to support God's rejection of Cain's offering and do you think it is the type of offering or is it the condition of the offering or the giver?
  • Celebration of Birthdays: Do the scriptures have anything to say on the celebration of one's birthday?

  • Children in the Rapture: When the rapture takes place there will be unsaved women who are pregnant. My question is "will these babies in the womb be raptured"?
  • Christians and the Jewish Law: Why do Christians not keep the Jewish laws? There are people in our community who believe that salvation is of grace through Christ's blood, but also believe Christ meant us to keep the law.
  • Christians and the Tribulation: Will there be born again Christians who will go through the tribulation or will they be raptured before it starts?
  • Church of Christ Doctrine: Are musical instruments scriptural for churches today? Is the Church of Christ considered a denomination? Pastor Reagan was told by his father in the ministry "All practices of the church fit into three categories: the scriptural, the unscriptural, and the non-scriptural." Click on the title to see these and more explained.

  • Is the Church the Bride of Christ? Is there such a thing as a Universal church or Baptist Bride?
  • The Coming Day of the Lord: In the Bible, does the '"day of the Lord" refer to the end times starting after the rapture? These verses suggest that the Day of the Lord starts with different periods in respect to the rapture. Joel  3:31, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-5 and Isaiah 13:9. Can you please explain these verses to me as to when exactly the day of the Lord begins?
  • Commanding God: Please explain to me what Isaiah 45 :11 means. Can we command the hands of God in our lives?

  • Conversation on the Mount: Who appeared with Jesus on the mountain when he prayed?
  • Could Christ Have Sinned? Bible students have argued for years over whether or not Christ could have sinned when the devil tempted Him (Matthew 4; Luke 4). But is it possible that we are asking the wrong question?
  • Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism: I would like to ask the difference about covenant theology and dispensationalist.
  • Creation of Heaven and Hell: In Genesis 1 it says that God created the heavens. When was heaven created? Also, when was hell created. Was it before or after the fall of Lucifer and his angels?

  • Cults: What are some of the characteristics of a cult?
  • Culture of Paul's Day: As far as we know, all of Paul's travels were within the Roman Empire. However, the local customs would differ greatly from one place to the other.
  • Curse of Ham or Canaan: In Genesis, Noah cursed Ham for looking upon his nakedness. Was there an underlying reason for this curse? Is the curse considered to be a "generational curse"?

  • The Day of the Lord: What is the Day of the Lord and what is the connection with the second coming of Christ?
  • Is a Deacon a Servant?: It is true that deacons are to be servants, but Jesus said that all who will minister for the Him are servants and that those who are to be chief must be servants.
  • Death Before Salvation: If someone is murdered before they had a chance to be saved  (especially a young person), will they still obtain salvation? The person who committed the crime of the unsaved, if they are saved & confess/repent, will they still receive salvation even if the person they murdered doesn't?

  • Degrees of Punishment in Hell: Person 'A' is a child/rapist/killer. Person 'B' is very kind and never intentionally hurt anyone. They both die without accepting Jesus as Saviour. Will there be any difference with regards to the degree of punishment they will receive after death?

  • Did Christ Have an Eternal Body?: Some say God's essence is spirit and, therefore, that image is mind, will, and emotions (or similar variations) and cannot include anything physical like a body. Some put forth that the image is spirit, soul, and body. But even most of those admit that the body is looking forward to Jesus as God in the flesh. Why couldn't the Word have had a physical body before the incarnation and, thus, man being made in God's image would be body, soul, and spirit?

  • Did Jesus Have a Sin Nature: Was Jesus born with a sin nature? How can it be truly said of Him that He was tempted in every way that we are if He didn't inherit the sin nature from Mary? What makes it so remarkable that He didn't sin if He wasn't even born with the sin nature?
  • Did Jesus Have Long Hair?: I was taught Jesus had short hair, but someone in our church believes Jesus had long hair and that is his excuse to have long hair as well. Is this right?

  • Dispensational Distinctions: What are some of the common characteristics and distinctions of salvation throughout the ages? Is there a connection between the new covenant and the new birth?

  • Distinction Between Son and Father in Prayer: I was wondering if I am praying to God in Jesus' name: I was under the impression that they are the same. So if they are the same, why differentiate between the two, (i.e.: Jesus / God created the heavens and the Earth)?
  • The Division of the Testaments: What are the two divisions of the Bible?
  • Do All Hear the Gospel?: Do all men have a chance to hear the Gospel before they die? I realize that God "reveals Himself through His creation," thus, does one merely have to honor His handiwork if they otherwise do not hear the message of Christ? This includes Native Americans before the colonization of North America. Thank you.
  • Does God Have a Soul?: There are several passages in the Bible that seem to indicate God has a soul. Is this a soul as we often think of elsewhere in the scripture or is it something different?

  • Does Jesus Hate?: Why does Jesus hate anything or anyone? Revelation 2:6 says, "But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of Nicolaitans, which I also hate."

  • The Doctrine of Christ: I was recently told that the doctrine of Christ was to love God and love your neighbour. Is this true?
  • Does God Hear the Prayers of the Lost?: The way I understand this passage is that the Lord heard Cornelius' prayers. I don't know if He answered them, but I am in a quandary about the Lord hearing the prayers of unbelievers. I do not take from this passage that Cornelius was saved - it just states that he was a devout man that feared God. Can you shed some light on the subject for me?

  • Does the Bible teach soul sleep? - Does the soul just go to sleep after death awaiting the return of the Lord?
  • Doubting Salvation: There are many times that I doubt whether or not I am saved. How can I know for sure that I am saved?
  • Eating Pork:  Eating pork was indeed prohibited under the law, but what about believers today?  Is it a sin to eat pork or any other meat?

  • Elijah and Enoch: If the Old Testament saints went to paradise when they died, how do you explain Elijah and Enoch?
  • The End Times: Should we look for the signs or the Son? Is the teaching of the rapture of the church a doctrine of devils? Please explain the different viewpoints on the end times.
  • Ephesians 2:8-9 - What is the Gift?: What does the word "it" refer to? Is it faith, grace, salvation or all of the above?

  • The Essence of God: Why do Christians say God is self-existent, eternal, spirit and trinitarian? What scriptures support this claim?
  • The Eye of a Needle: In the city of Jerusalem in Biblical times was there such a thing as the "Needle Gate" which allowed people in the city at night?

  • Faces of Lions: What does 1Chronicles 12:8 mean when it refers to the Gadites as having faces like the faces of lions?

  • The Faith of Jesus Christ: In the question and answer section of your website on doubting your salvation, the writer quotes Gal 2:16 and indicates "the faith OF Christ" refers not to faith IN Christ, but Christ's actual faith. JF&B, Matthew Henry, Luther, and Wiersbe all seem to indicate that this verse refers to faith IN Christ. Can you tell me of any other sources that support your interpretation?
  • Faith of Terah: What were the religious activities during the time of our patriarch, Abraham and his father, Terah? Did all know of God or did God call Abraham uniquely?
  • Fallen From Grace: What is Paul talking about in Galatians 5:4 when he talks about being fallen from grace?

  • Fasting and Prayer: How does one go about fasting, and what are the different types of fasting?

  • Favor of God: What does having the favor of God mean?

  • Fear of God vs. Love of God: Some say that children should only hear about the love of God because they already have a lot of fear they face every day. I strongly disagree with that statement. Should children today be taught only the love of God?

  • Fiery Stones: What are the "fiery stones" mentioned here?

  • First Slave in the Bible: Who was the first slave master and slave in the Bible?
  • Four Angels in the Euphrates: In Revelation chapter 9 we read about the loosing of four angels who have been bound in the Euphrates. Who are these angels? What is their purpose? Why were they bound in the Euphrates?

  • Free Will and Giving Back Salvation: I agree with you on losing your salvation but I have heard the argument that you have the free will to give God back your salvation.
  • Friday Crucifixion?: What day of the week did Jesus die on the cross? And how can one get three days from Friday even to Sunday morning?

  • Genealogy of Jesus: What is the genealogy of Jesus?
  • The Gift of the Holy Ghost: What is the gift of the holy ghost?
  • Gifts of the Spirit: Benny Hinn, John Hagee, Rod Parsley and many others from TBN practice healing and speaking in tongues along with other things. Is this scriptural?
  • Giving in Secret: Matthew chapter 6 talks about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. What does this mean and biblically what is the meaning of left and right hand in the Bible?
  • The God Who Doesn't Heal All: Does the God of the Bible leave some sick while healing others?
  • God's Demand of Righteousness: Do you know of any passages in the bible which state that God demands righteousness from all people or does the Bible make a distinction between righteousness required by the world at large and that required by God's children?
  • The Godhead Revealed in Creation - Romans 1:20: What does the Lord mean when He says in Romans 1:20 that "even his eternal power and Godhead;" are revealed in the creation. How is the Trinity evident in creation?
  • The Habit of Giving: Are we commanded to tithe in the age of grace? What should we be giving if anything to our local churches? This article deals with giving of finances but also with giving of ourselves. What kind of habit should we have when it comes to giving?
  • Healing Today: Why can't people today, heal as Christ instructed the disciples to do? I am not sure what I think of these so called healers you see on television? Was this gift only for the Kingdom period and not for us during the Grace age. I know God can heal through our prayer.
  • Hebrew Vowel Points: Much is made of the necessity of vowel points for correct understanding of the Bible text. The "origin of the vowel-points is to be ascribed to the effort which the Jewish learned men made to preserve the pronunciation of their sacred language. So we must ask are they necessary in order to identify a word? Are the vowel points inspired?
  • Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit: Is the Holy Ghost the same as the Holy Spirit or are they different?
  • Honouring Parents: The Bible teaches that children are to honour their parents, but what if the father is an alcoholic and he deserts the wife and children? Should they still honour him?
  • Household Salvation: Does Acts 16:31 teach that the family members and servants were saved because the Philippian jailer got saved? Certainly not!

  • How Many Did Jashobeam Kill?: In 2Samuel 23:8 the bible reads that Jashobeam used his spear to kill 800 men in one battle. Then later in 1Chronicles 11:11 it reads that Jashobeam used his spear to kill 300 men in a single battle. I was wondering if it was two separate battles mentioned. This may a dumb question, but I am far from being a scholar and I am very interested in these Great men of God.

  • I Am: God told Moses to tell the Israelites that, "I Am hath sent you". What does this name mean or does it have meaning at all?
  • Incarnated Jesus: Was Jesus incarnated? Is the virgin birth necessary for incarnation?

  • The Identity of the Unicorn: How does the Bible identify a unicorn? Most modern versions identify the unicorn as a wild ox. However, the biblical descriptions do not fit a wild ox. What are some of the true characteristics of the unicorn?

  • Inspiration - Why is it so important? Why is it so important to believe that the Bible is divinely inspired?
  • In the End of the World: In Hebrews 9:26 Paul (or whoever may be writing) said that Christ had appeared "once "IN THE END OF THE WORLD" to atone for sins. How can it be the "end of the world" when it happened almost 2,000 years ago (considering that this world is only 6,000 plus years old)? 

  • Isaiah 24: Explain this chapter.

  • Is Jesus God? How can this be? - If the Father is God then how can Jesus be God also?
  • James vs. Paul: I've been having a heated discussion with a fellow church member about the differences between James and Paul. How James was under a different dispensation than Paul, my friend can't buy that. I was wondering what scriptures I could show him that would back up my argument? I tried to explain how James was a legalist, that his teaching was faith plus works for salvation, and Paul's teaching is Faith. Can you help?
  • Jehovah or Yahweh: I was trying to find out from people who can read the original Bible about the original name of God in the Hebrew Bible which they told me its Yahweh before any translation. They say it is a name that was revealed to Moses. How about this now? Did God not say his name was Yahweh to Moses? Did He say his name was Jehovah?

  • Jesus and Michael the Archangel: A Jehovah's Witness told a friend of mine that Jesus and Michael the Archangel are one and the same. Could you help us refute this?
  • Jesus Before His Birth: Did the Trinity as we know it, God the Father, God the Son (also known as the Word), and God the Holy Ghost exist before creation? In other words, was Jesus known as Jesus prior to his being born as a man?

  • Jesus Called the Son of David: Why does the bible refer Jesus the son of David? Although it can refer to the biological and immediate son of an earthly father, it can also have other meanings.

  • Is Jesus God?: Is Jesus a God?

  • Jewish Sacrifices - Why did they stop: Why do Jews not make animal sacrifices today? When and why did it stop? I understand how Christ is the ultimate and only acceptable sacrifice to God, but what about the Jews- why have they stopped sacrificing? Could you please explain this?
  • John 14:19 - The Appearance of Christ: Please explain what Jesus meant in John 14:19 when He said the world will see Him no more, but the eleven disciples would see Him again. I used to be a Jehovah Witness, but am not any more. Because of their teachings, this verse is confusing to me.
  • King Saul and King Solomon: I know King Saul committed suicide and King Solomon worshipped idols, so are they in hell?
  • The Last Trump: Is the trumpet of 1Corinthians 15:52 the same as the trumpet of Revelation 11:15? If so, doesn't this mean that the church will not be raptured out until the end of the tribulation?

  • Law and the Prophets: Which books in the Bible are called "The Law"? Which are called "The Prophets"?

  • The Law of Moses: Where do you find the Law of Moses? What books of the Bible are included in this?

  • Laying on of Hands: My question is what is the significance of laying on hands; or what does the laying on of hands represent? On the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) the Holy Spirit fell on all assembled without the laying on of hands.
  • Length of the First Day in Genesis: In the book of Genesis, how long was the first day?

  • Let God Be True, But Every Man A Liar: Do the Jehovah's Witness believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ?

  • Let Him Be Accursed: In Galatians 1:9, what does the phrase "let him be accursed" mean? Does this passage condemn to hell anyone who preaches another gospel?
  • The Lion and Lamb: The phrase "the lamb will lie down with the lion" is commonly used by believers but is it found in the scriptures? What does this phrase mean and to what time period is it referring?
  • The Lily of the Valley: Can you tell me what the flower that is "the lily of the valley" symbolically referred to Christ? I would like to know if this is the same 'lily' promoted as the 'Easter lily'. After examining some of the roots of the holiday called "Easter", it is easy to see that most of this 'holiday' has nothing to do with the Resurrection of Christ.

  • Local Church or Universal Church? - Question asked about the local/universal church argument.
  • Lordship Salvation: What is the meaning of lordship salvation? Is it biblical? When a person accepts Christ as their personal Saviour, must they also accept Him as Lord of all?
  • Losing Your Salvation in 2Peter: I believe in eternal security but someone recently showed me a couple of passages from 2Peter that were difficult.
  • Mammon of Unrighteousness: In Luke 16 1-12 I don't understand why the master praised the unjust steward for being a thief. Can you please explain.

  • Marriage of Daughters: Do fathers have the ultimate decision in their daughters marriage? Are there limits to the control that a parent would have over their children as they become adults?

  • Matthew 5-7 - Is it for Today?: Is Jesus introducing the Jews to the future kingdom of heaven on earth? And if that's the case, are the acts indicated in Matthew 5:29,30 the result of Matthew 5:28 and something believer's must physically carry out while in the future kingdom in order to enter into his final resting place?
  • Meaning of the Trinity: Please explain the trinity of GOD, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • Melchizedek: Who was Melchizedek? Is this an appearance of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament or was this someone else?
  • Memorizing the Books of the Bible: What are some ways we can easily learn the books of the Bible?

  • Mercy or Justice?: What is the basis within God that enables Him to forgive sin, is it on the basis of His mercy or on the basis of His justice?

  • Michael's Angels: Why are the Angels described as being Michael's angels and not God's angels or Christ's angels? Is it possible that Michael could be part of the God head?
  • Millennium Sacrifices: What would be the purpose of having sacrifices during the millennial reign when Christ has already provided the sacrifice?
  • Miracle of Water Into Wine: Why did Jesus turn the water to wine (besides the fact the people had ran out) and why was it his first miracle?

  • The Mystery of the Faith: What is "the mystery of the faith" found in 1Timothy 3:9?

  • Names of God: What is the name of God? Did God reveal his name to us. He has so many names throughout the bible and I wonder what name are we supposed to call Him and why?
  • New Birth Concept: Where in the OT is the new birth described in such detail that Jesus could have assumed Nicodemus should know about it?
  • Noah's Fish: Aboard Noah's ship were pairs of every kind of land animal and birds. Were creatures of the ocean also aboard his ship?
  • No Longer Saved: I have been asked about when being truly saved when you were a young person and then falling short on the glory of God and doing some really bad stuff like committing adultery and bad language. Does this mean you are no longer saved?
  • Oil in the Lamps: Concerning oil lamps found in the Bible, what kind of oil was used? I thought olive oil, but I tried it in a lamp and it didn't work.
  • Old and New Covenants: The Bible deals with the Old and the New Covenant. What is the difference between the two? Who did God make the covenants with?
  • Old Testament Filling of the Spirit: Was John the Baptist the first man "filled with the Holy Ghost" vs. having the "Spirit put upon him?"
  • Old Testament Sacrifices: Did the sacrifices of the Old Testament completely do away with sins?
  • Once Saved Always Saved: Please explain what this means, I'm not sure I understand it.
  • Ordinances Nailed to Cross: Where in the Bible does it state that the ceremonial law was nailed to the cross?
  • Origination of the Races: Where did the different races come from and do we know if Adam and Eve were white?
  • The Origin of God: Where did God come from? Does God have an origin or is God a being from which everything else came but who Himself came from nothing else?
  • Partaking of the Lord's Supper: Why should we take the Holy Communion? Who should not take the Holy Communion?
  • Passover Celebration: I would like to know when to celebrate Passover and what the real traditions are that the Lord requires?

  • Pastor - Is This Term Scriptural in the New Testament: My first question concerns the epistles of Timothy and Titus. Why is it that these are called, pastoral epistles ? Seeing that the only church authority and responsibility that Paul discusses are the eldership positions of the Bishop and Deacon. Paul never writes or speaks using the word pastor. So I have never been able to find a link between the eldership roles and that of pastor.
  • Peace and Safety:  I just read a book which states there must be peace and safety before the rapture can occur and that the earth must experience such a catastrophic event before the antichrist can come to power. If the apostles looked for Jesus in their time, shouldn't we be looking for Him now instead of looking for peace and safety?
  • Peter's Wife: The scriptures say that the Apostle Peter was married and that she was lead to martyrdom in Rome. I would like to know as much as possible about Peter's wife. Was she traveling with him all the time? Did they have children?

  • Pleading the Blood: Can the blood of Jesus be rebuked by the Devil?
  • Polygamy: Please advise the best scriptural defense against the teaching of polygamy as sound doctrine.
  • Praying for the Sin Unto Death: What is the correct interpretation of not praying for the sin unto death found in 1John 5:16?

  • Predestination: Doesn't the Bible indicate that God has already chosen those He will save, we just do not know who they are, because we do not have the "foreknowledge" spoken about in the Bible?
  • Prediction or Prophecy: What is the main difference between "Prophecy" and "Prediction"?

  • Prehistoric Animals: Have you ever wondered about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals; how and if they were part of creation. Are there millions of years between them and the first people?

  • Prince of Persia: Daniel 10:13-10:23 mentions the princes (guardian angels) of Persia and Greece; Who is none: are they other princes/angels of nations, do these type angels rule the nations in our times yet and if yes how can we experience them?

  • Punishment for Sin: God told Adam and Eve they would die because of their sin. HE said nothing about going to a place to burn forever. Could you tell me when the punishment for sin was changed and under what circum- stances. Where can I find scripture to show when God changed it.
  • Questions about the Kingdom: After the tribulation, will those who survived enter the kingdom in their human bodies?  During the kingdom will there be sin on earth?
  • Regeneration in the Old Testament: The Bible says that if any have not the spirit of Christ, he is none of His. In the Old Testament, the spirit of God would come upon a man and leave him. How can an Old Testament person be regenerated by the Spirit if this is so?

  • Reincarnation: Some people talks about reincarnation. Please help me to find some verses to prove to them that this is not true.
  • Replacement Theology: Do you believe that the Jews have lost their promises and have been replaced by the church?
  • Reprobate Mind: Can a Christian be turned over to a reprobate mind? I just wonder because there are some people who seem to fall away from God and never desire to go back.
  • Reprobates and Romans 1:28: Romans 1:28 says, "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;" My conclusion has been that God gave them over to a reprobate mind for the destruction of the flesh. What is your thought here?

  • Resurrection Day Timeline: The four gospels give different accounts of the events on the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When all four records are carefully compared, an order begins to come together.

  • The Resurrected or Glorified Body of Christ: When Jesus arose from the grave what kind of body did He have? Was it flesh like it was before His death?
  • Resurrections and Judgments: We have heard much about the judgment of believers in the age of grace at the Judgment seat of Christ, but what about those saved during the tribulation or the millennium? Have the Old Testament saints already been judged or will they too be at the Judgment seat of Christ?
  • Romans 11:6 and Old Testament Salvation: Doesn't Romans 11:6 conclude that salvation was by works under the old testament law?

  • Sabbath Worship: When Isaiah speaks of the foreigner worshipping on the Sabbath in chapter 56, wouldn't that be including gentiles?
  • Sacrifices Pleasing to God: Bible sacrifices can be placed into several categories: Old Testament animal sacrifices, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, and the spiritual sacrifices made by New Testament believers.

  • Salvation Before Christ Died: How can anyone be saved before the saving work of our Lord Jesus Christ? If even one person could be saved without his blood, then does that mean that the Father is evil, putting his son to useless suffering, for if He can save one can He not save them all the same way?
  • Saved During the Tribulation: I have heard that Matthew 25:32-46 shows that those saved in the tribulation are saved as a result of how they treat the Jewish people at that time, by works. Is the giving of food, water etc...the reason one gets the inheritance or is the passage speaking of what saved people do being heirs?

  • Salvation for Those Left Behind: Will those who have heard a clear presentation of the gospel and rejected it be granted a chance to be saved in the Tribulation?

  • Salvation of Cult Members: How are people caught up in cults not saved? For example, do you think Roman Catholics are not saved, or Seventh Day Adventists, etc. - how? (I don't think they are, but am unable to explain why.  Can you help me give an explanation to them/others?)
  • Salvation of the Disciples: When did the disciples get saved? Some say when they were called, others say not until after Christ ascended and the Holy Ghost came.
  • Salvation Under the Law: Describe how people were saved in the Old Testament after the law was given?
  • Schools For Preachers: What does the Bible say about men going to school to be a preacher?
  • The Sealing of Covenants: How was a covenant sealed in the Old Testament? Between two different tribes or God and Abraham? Covenants can be made between two different men or entities (as nations) or between God and man.

  • Seeing God: The Bible says that no one has ever seen God, but what about Moses in the old testament, didn't he see God?

  • Seeking A Sign: Is it ok to seek a sign from God? Doesn't seeking a sign indicate lack of faith?

  • Sheol, Hades or Hell: The Jehovah's Witnesses and many others say that the word Hell does not always refer to the place of judgment, but what saith the scriptures?
  • Sin After Salvation: What happens if a saved person commits a sin and dies before he asks for forgiveness?
  • Sin and Iniquity: The words "sin" and "iniquity" are found together in some form in about 70 verses in the Bible. Many times they are used parallel to one another. Although we can be certain that they are synonyms and have the same basic meaning, there must also be something that distinguishes them. Let us consider these two words.

  • Sin Nature: How do you describe one's sin nature? How do we inherit this nature? In what ways are we sinners?

  • Sinless Perfection: Are we supposed to be able to get to a point to where we never sin?
  • Sin Against the Body - 1Corinthians 6:18:  What does this verse mean?  How is fornication considered sinning against the body?  What is included in the term "fornication"?
  • Sinning Away Our Day of Grace: Will God, through the Holy Spirit, finally give up on calling someone for salvation, if the person continues to reject the call?
  • Slaves in the Bible: What does the Bible teach concerning slavery and servanthood? Is it always considered an ungodly practice or are there situations where servanthood is scriptural?
  • Is Smoking A Sin?: Is smoking cigarettes a sin and if so why is it so hard for me to quit?

  • Speaking in Tongues: Are tongues for today? Deals with the sign gifts of Mark 16 (snake handling, drinking deadly poison) and 1Corinthians 14.
  • Spirit and Soul: Please define and explain the characteristics of the soul and the spirit of man
  • Spirit of Man, The: When a man dies, where does the spirit go? If the "spirit" of man is the one that gives the believer the knowledge of God, then does the "spirit" of an unbelieving man have knowledge of God?
  • Submission to Husband or Obedience to God: Recently my pastor preached a Mother's Day sermon and it was directed towards the women. My question is concerning the obeying your husband part of the passage. My husband is slowly going back to his old sinful ways. He still believes, but thinks it is too hard for him to follow God and he feels like he isn't getting help even though he prays for it that he is giving up on trying to live a godly life. If I am obedient to my husband I am sinning, but if I am not obedient to my husband the word of God is blasphemed.

  • Supplication: What does the word supplication mean?

  • Synoptic Gospels: I am searching for lessons on the synoptic gospels. I hope to answer the following questions: 1. Why are three so similar and John is not 2. What specific stories are told in Matthew, Luke and Mark and how are they similar and how are they different? 3. Why are Matthew, Mark and Luke referred to as the synoptic gospels? Can you provide some resources to answer my questions?
  • Temptation and God: Someone told me that the word "tempt" when it refers to God, was a typo. Please let me know what you think.
  • Ten Commandments - God's Law Handed Down?: Are the ten commandments Gods Law handed down? Are they never changing? Do they still apply to this day and age?

  • The Testaments: Is the Old Testament specifically the animal sacrifices while the New Testament is strictly the shed blood of Christ for forgiveness?
  • Their Worm Dieth Not: What does "their worm and their thirst will never be quenched" mean?

  • Thirty Minutes of Silence: Please explain the thirty minute silence in Heaven of Revelation 8:1.

  • The Threshingfloor: Except for the reference in Matthew 3:11, the term "threshingfloor" is found only in the Old Testament. Its use there indicates there is a particular significance in a "threshingfloor". 2Samuel 24 tells of King David buying a threshingfloor, to build an altar on it. Why a "threshingfloor" and not a field or some other structure? I believe God has a purpose in every word in His Bible. What's the significance in this usage?

  • Three Arks in the Scriptures: There are three arks in the Bible. Each one is a rectangular shaped container with a cover. It might help if we look at each one separately.

  • Three Heavens: I noticed that the word heaven is both singular and plural in scripture. Could you please explain?
  • Thomas Called Didymus: Why was Thomas called Didymus and what does it mean?
  • The Tree of Life vs. The Tree of Knowledge: What is the significance of these two trees in the Garden of Eden? Why did God forbid the tree of knowledge but not the tree of life? Then after they had sinned He forbids the tree of life also?
  • Tribulation Salvation: When the Great Tribulation comes, how can people be saved? Is it still by faith or plain works?
  • Trinity Explained: I have a question/comment about the trinity. Can the trinity be explained as such...a man is a father, a son and a husband, i.e. one person with three distinct roles? Please give simple examples such as this followed by any pertinent scripture.

  • Thinketh No Evil: In 1Corinthians 13, what is meant by the phrase "..thinketh no evil,.." and how does that relate to Biblical charity?
  • To Whom Shall We Pray?:  I have a question. To whom am I supposed to pray? I believe in it, but who am I suppose to pray if I want to repent and be saved? our heavenly father or Jesus? or does it make any difference?
  • Truth About Predestination: The Bible states that God "predestines" Christians for a future with Christ in Heaven and that he does NOT predestine others to Hell; however, does this mean that only a few of the Christians on Earth were predestined by God and the rest "happened" to come to Christ by the work of these Christians and the Holy Spirit? Or were ALL the people who God knew would become Christian through His omniscience thus "predestined" by Christ?
  • Twelve Tribes: What happened to the twelve tribes of Israel? Do we know anything about where they are today?
  • Three Biblical Tests of a True Prophet: I do not believe we should be looking for prophets today. However, for the sake of discussion, I will give three biblical tests of a true prophet. They are a good way to test prophets for any age or time. 
  • Two Antiochs: There are 2 Antioch's in the book of Acts. What are the difference of them. Can you tell me a little of the reason why there are 2.
  • Understanding Paul's Dispensation: Why is the Bible so vague, meaning why can't most Christians or so called Christians understand the dispensation of Paul's message? The difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of Grace.
  • Unknown Tongue: What is the unknown tongue? Is it the babbling that the Pentecostals are doing today?
  • Urim and Thummin: How does the practice of "Urim and Thummin" in the Old Testament differ from forbidden practices of divination?
  • Virgin Birth: Please give me a study report about the virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14) and its fulfillment in the New Testament.
  • Vow, Oath, Swear and Pledge: Please distinguish the terms "vow", "oath", "swear" and "pledge." Some of these are interchangeable and some are referred to in the bible as totally different from each other. I'm specifically interested in what Jesus meant in Matthew 5:33-37 and how that applies to nowadays "pledging" for a building fund or other church projects.
  • Water in the Bible: How many times does "water" occur in the Bible and what is it's significance?
  • Wearing Shorts To Work:  I am a saved male and wanted to know if it was ok to wear shorts on extremely hot days. The shorts would pass the knees and only be worn at work. My pastor said we should cover our legs past our thighs and be modest in our dress but on hot and humid days it is almost unbearable.
  • Were Adam and Eve Saved?: There is no direct statement of a salvation experience in the Bible and we have no statement as to what exactly would compose salvation for them. Click the link and see what Pastor Reagan has to say.
  • What Are the Keys to God's Blessing?: The key to Godís blessings starts with obedience to His Word. We see this theme borne out through the Scriptures time after time where the Lord promises to bless those who will obey what He says.
  • What is Faith?:  Faith is one of those words that is difficult to tie down to one simple definition. According to a modern dictionary, faith is "unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence." As it regards the faith found in the Bible, this is simply not true. A. A. Hodge truly said, "Faith must have adequate evidence, else it is mere superstition." Faith is not the opposite of fact or of scientific knowledge. The evidences of faith may operate differently than those of science, but they are there.

  • What is the Eighth Year - 2Kings 24:12?: In 2Kings 24:12, what does the "8th year" refer to?
  • What Happened to Aaron's Rod?: What happened to Aaron's Rod after Moses stroke the rock? Where is it? Does it still exist?

  • What is Outer Darkness? What is the connection between "outer darkness" and "gnashing of teeth"?
  • What Need for the Son?: What is the significance in believing in the Son? Is it not sufficient to believe in a loving and merciful Creator only?
  • What Scripture is James 4:5 Referring to?: James 4:5 says, "Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?". To what scripture is this reference pointing to? Is this a quote from the Old Testament or referring to something else in the New Testament?

  • Whatsoever is Loosed on Earth: What does it mean that whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven? Is this some power that we have today or was it given strictly to the apostles?
  • When did the Church Begin?: When I read in Acts 7 I noticed in verse 38 that Stephen actually uses the word "church" in reference to the time of Moses. The main question is that most people I talk to say the Church began in the New Testament times, (usually at the time of Pentecost). Are not the Hebrews themselves the 'called out people' of the Old Testament?

  • Where are the Old Testament Saints Today?: The people of the old testament who were saints, are they still in heaven, If God comes back for the second time for us, are we going to meet this people, or are they no more existing?

  • Where is Isaiah 19 Dispensationally?: The key to understanding the chapter may be to see the events overlapping the coming of Christ in power and great glory. The chapter cannot be entirely placed in the tribulation or in the kingdom. It must begin in one and end in the other.
  • Which Noah?: In Genesis chapter 6:18, the Bible says that God told Noah and his household to enter the ark before the great flood. In Ezekiel chapter 14:20, the Bible says Noah will be saved without his household. Who is the Noah of Genesis and that of Ezekiel?

  • Who Are the 144,000?: Who are the 144,000 in the Bible? What happens to them and where are they from? Are they certain people from the past? Is it only a certain kind of people?

  • Who are the Kenites?: The Kenites had a very special place in Israel's history. They traveled with the children of Israel in the desert and therefore identified with them. Through Moses, you might say they are the first cousins of Israel, and enjoyed many of their blessings.
  • Who are the Two Witnesses?: The identity of the two witnesses of the Book of Revelation is a highly disputed topic. As objectively as possible we will look at the main interpretations and give the strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Who did John Baptize?: Did John the Baptist baptize Gentiles or only Jews?

  • Who Does God Bless?: I'm having a discussion with a friend about who gets blessings from God. She says God blesses everyone. I say God blesses the one who  has faith and seeks him. Who does God Bless?

  • Who is a Christian?: A Christian is a person who has come to the realization of their sinful, lost condition and with a repentant heart turns to the Lord Jesus Christ and in faith accepts His substitutionary death as payment for their sins.  
  • Who is Antichrist?: Who is the antichrist mentioned in the Bible?

  • Why Holy Ghost?: Why is God the Holy Spirit sometimes called the Holy Ghost? Wouldn't a ghost be more like a spoof than God?
  • Why I Am Not A Charismatic: Why do we as a church oppose the charismatic movement? What are some of the doctrinal errors of the charismatic movement? This answer gives a list of problems we have with the doctrine and the practices of the charismatics. They are not meant to be a personal attack on those who dearly hold to them, but perhaps they can be topics of consideration for those who follow the charismatic teaching. 

  • The Widow Indeed:  What is the biblical pattern for supporting widows?  Does every widow qualify for this support?  Who is responsible for their support?

  • The Woman of Revelation Twelve: Can you explain the woman being hid in Revelation 12 and Israel's part in the tribulation?

  • Women and the Nazarite Vow: Were there any women recorded in the Bible who took the Nazarite vow?

  • Woman, What Have I to do With Thee?: What is the significance of Christ's words to his mother in John 2:1-5?

  • The Word of God: Why do people refer to the Bible as the word of God when the Bible teaches that Jesus is the Word of God?
  • Worship In Spirit: What does it mean when it says that God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit?
  • Who is God? Who is God? What is his personality?
  • Who is Us?: My question pertains to Genesis 3:22. Specifically, in whom is God referring to when he states Adam is one of us, who is us? Is this the triune God?
    Yeast or Leaven of the Pharisees: What is the leaven of the Pharisees? Some translations use the word "yeast" in the place of the word "leaven", does this cause any problems or are both correct?

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