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  • Addicted to Pornography:  I'm addicted to pornography and am a Christian.  How should I deal with this besetting sin and the guilt?
  • America's Departure from Truth:  If America was founded upon Godly principles, where did it fail to stand for truth and God?
  • America in Bible Prophecy: What role does the United States of America play in the last days? Is America mentioned in the prophecy found in the scriptures? Will the United States of America always be a friend of Israel? The answers might be sobering.
  • The Bible and Self Esteem:  What verses in the Bible help with increasing confidence in yourself?
  • Babies in the Flood:  Were there babies who died in the flood and if so what sin were they guilty of?
  • Being Troubled About the Sabbath:  Do you have people telling you that you have taken the mark of the beast by worshipping on Sunday?  Do they try to convince you that you are evil because you do not keep the sabbath?  Here are some pointers on how to handle this confrontation.
  • Blood Line Curses: Can you please give me more information on blood line curses?
  • Celebration of Holidays: Are there some days that God hates? Should we celebrate holidays in church?
  • Culture and the Bible:   In Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary, there is no meaning of the word culture as it can be used at times today. The 1828 meaning basically defines it as any labor for improvement or growth. When did this word change its meaning? 
  • Committing Suicide - Can it be forgiven?  What does the bible say about suicides? Would you, if already saved still be forgiven and granted a place in heaven?
  • Common Prayers: I am new to the bible and all I want to do is learn the common prayers. I do not know the names, but for example the now I lay me down to sleep, etc.
  • Conflict in the Work Place:  My boss says that he is a Christian but he has been treating me unfairly for years.  What should I do?
  • A Course in Miracles:  Do you have any advice concerning the three books known as "A Course in Miracles"?  It seems kind of New Age to me.
  • Culture of Paul's Day: As far as we know, all of Paul's travels were within the Roman Empire. However, the local customs would differ greatly from one place to the other.
  • Dake's Annotated Bible:  The Dake's Annotated Bible is a King James study Bible, but what are the beliefs and teachings of the man who wrote the notes?
  • Disabilities:  What does the Bible say about deafness and other disabilities?  Why do some people have disabilities?
  • Doctrinal Differences Between the Baptists and Lutherans: I am a Southern Baptist. My daughter, who is 11, has a best friend who my daughter sometimes attends church with. Her friend is of the Lutheran faith. Can you please explain to me the differences between the two doctrines?

  • Drug Use:  Many today are claiming that it is Biblical to do drugs. But what does the Bible say about drugs/herbs?
  • Eating Pork:  Eating pork was indeed prohibited under the law, but what about believers today?  Is it a sin to eat pork or any other meat?

  • Elder Abuse - What does the Bible say about it?  What scripture references would you use to enlighten me on the Christian's responsibility in cases of elder abuse?
  • Emotionalism, Revival and Second Blessing:  We were watching a DVD on the Welsh Revival of 1904.  We did not finish it because the revival seemed to be based on a second blessing of the Holy Ghost.  Why would the Lord bless an event based on false teaching or are we missing something?  Also, John R. Rice wrote about Moody, R. A. Torrey, and even Spurgeon asking for more of the Holy Spirit to fill them, as in a second blessing. The Lord used them also to save souls. What are your thoughts on this?
  • Expository Preaching:  I need some help. I am a preacher, an assistant pastor of a church.  I was wondering if you knew of anywhere I could find some courses for expository preaching?  My main focus is to be able to preach God's word in its fullness and not in my opinion.  If you could help me find anything on this I would appreciate it.
  • Fear of Failure:   I became a believer because of the fear of failure. I had failed in certain important exams throughout life.  I am now an intern lay pastor working.  I need to write exams to be promoted at the office.  I realize that I wont have time to concentrate on my studies because I am now in charge of a Church.  I sincerely need your advice on what to do?
  • Fiery Stones: What are the "fiery stones" mentioned here?

  • Financial Help:  If you are struggling to make ends meet financially how should you approach God to ask for His help?
  • Freemasonry:  What scripture and other information can be used to expose the Satanic teachings of freemasonry?
  • The Gossipy Tongue:  I am a Christian but I can't seem to stop gossiping at work. When I do try it will only last for a day or so and then I get caught up in it again.
  • Graham Phillips and the Identity of Jesus: According to Graham Phillips, Jesus is the son of Antipater (the son of Herod) and his wife Mary.  He says that he derived this from a close reading of the gospel.  Could this be accurate when compared to the scriptures?
  • Greek Mythology: Greek mythology deals with the stories of their gods. Certainly, there is a fascinating aspect to the stories surrounding the Greek gods. There is probably nothing wrong with an elementary knowledge of some of these stories. However, there is a great danger as well.
  • Have a Little Talk with Jesus:  I was humming this song to myself today when all of the sudden I realized I had no idea what a prayer wheel is.  Could you shed some light on this?
  • Having Trouble Sleeping:  I am having trouble sleeping.  Where is the verse that helps you sleep?
  • In-vitro Insemination:  I suppose in-vitro insemination is unbiblical because the embryo is developed outside the mother's womb, it is not the process of God's creation.  Is donated sperm for use in vitro insemination acceptable?
  • Jewish Burial: I understand Jewish custom dictates that the body is to be buried with earth to speed the return of the soul to nature or to God. If this is true, why was Christ, a Jew, placed in a rock tomb and not buried in the earth? Please explain the purpose of the Jewish custom too.
  • Lent:  Should we participate in this man made holiday?
  • Making Deals with God:  Will God always honor our deals that we make with Him?  Statements such as God strike me down if I'm telling a lie, are popular but does God hold us to these foolish requests?
  • Marriage of Daughters: Do fathers have the ultimate decision in their daughters marriage? Are there limits to the control that a parent would have over their children as they become adults?

  • Messages From the Dead: Why is there such a recent surge in the popularity of movies and TV shows dealing with "messages from the dead?" Why is the practice of consulting with psychics, such as Sylvia Brown or John Edwards (who claim to talk to the dead and consult spirit guides) becoming spiritually acceptable to so many?
  • Mouse in the House - Am I allowed to kill it?  How are we supposed to treat animals?  Does God allow us to kill animals in some cases?
  • Music for Pleasure: I've read some of Alan Ives writings on music. To be blunt - is this something that Baptists are "nit picky" about? What does the Bible actually say about melody, harmony, and rhythm? I've also listened to your sermon on music - does this apply to what we listen to outside of church? I know that CCM is not at all biblical, but what about our musical choices for our own personal listening time outside of the church - there's some great movie scores, orchestral music, and also Broadway tunes - what does the Bible say about such music?

  • The Nativity Movie:  I have had several people ask me about the Nativity movie that is coming out. I personally do not trust anything that Hollywood puts out that is "historical" or "Christian". Any help that you could give me with this would be greatly appreciated.
  • Occasional Drinking:  Is it a sin to have an occasional (one) glass of wine with dinner?
  • Oil in the Lamps: Concerning oil lamps found in the Bible, what kind of oil was used? I thought olive oil, but I tried it in a lamp and it didn't work.
  • Parting of the Waters:  Where are all places that state the parting or dividing of water in the Bible?
  • Pastor Emeritus: If a pastor becomes pastor emeritus and his son becomes pastor and some disagreements become evident, what is the biblical application?
  • Peter Cartwright: Have you've ever read the autobiography of Peter Cartwright, the circuit-riding preacher. What did you think of him as a preacher, and his book overall?

  • Peter's Wife: The scriptures say that the Apostle Peter was married and that she was lead to martyrdom in Rome. I would like to know as much as possible about Peter's wife. Was she traveling with him all the time? Did they have children?

  • Praying for Animals:  What does the Bible say about praying for sick animals? And what is God's view on us keeping pets? Is it cruelty since they are no longer in their natural environment - like caged up and all, even though they are treated
    with a lot of love?
  • Pregnant Schoolmate:  My teenage schoolmate has just found out she is pregnant. I do not know her well, but I do know her and have exchanged hello's. I have prayed for her and I want to help her with all of my being. How should I do so?
  • Psychedelic Drugs:  I am a very strong Christian and am struggling with the use of psychedelics.  I don't use them recreationally but specifically with God in mind. I can't find anything concrete in the Bible that says one way or the other.  Please give me some insight or some verses to turn to.
  • Reincarnation: Some people talks about reincarnation. Please help me to find some verses to prove to them that this is not true.
  • Replacement Theology:  Do you believe that the Jews have lost their promises and have been replaced by the church?
  • Santa Claus:  We have some Santa's in our home and we recently read James Melton's tract on Santa.  Should we throw away our Santa's?
  • Is Smoking A Sin?: Is smoking cigarettes a sin and if so why is it so hard for me to quit?

  • Stigmata:  I was watching a movie called stigmata and I was wondering what it is?  I certainly do not believe this is from God.
  • Tomb of Jesus:  In the recent past I happened to surf a website www.tombofjesus.com. The contents of the site hurt me very much. It says the things I learned and practiced so far seems to be great foolishness.
  • Twelve Tribes of Arabia:  I have heard of the twelve tribes of Israel, but what are the twelve tribes of Arabia and where can it be traced in the Bible?
  • The Weather:  Who is in control of the weather? 
  • What is the real Islam?  A plea from a Muslim who states that the violent acts that we have witnessed are not in accordance to the teaching of the Quran.
  • Who is King James: King James is mostly known today as the man who authorized the translation commonly as the King James Bible. What provoked this king to put his approval upon this translation?
  • Ye Are Gods: Can you please comment or explain Psalm 82:6 where God says, "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High." I know in John 10:34 Jesus makes reference to this passage. I have family members who are Mormons and they use these verses to promote their belief that they will one day become gods.

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