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  • Who is Antichrist?: Who is the antichrist mentioned in the Bible?

  • Pleading the Blood: Can the blood of Jesus be rebuked by the Devil?
  • Devil Possession and Christians:  Can a Christian be possessed by devils, even though he has the Holy Spirit inside of him?
  • A Dumb Spirit:  Can you tell me what a dumb spirit is?
  • An Evil Spirit from the Lord:  What does it mean when the Bible says that an evil spirit was sent by God to torment Saul (reference 1Samuel 16:14-15)?
  • Prayers to Satan: Does the Devil have the power to answer prayers? Is there any indication in scripture that he would be able to do so?

  • Satan:  Who is Satan?  Why is he allowed to exist? What do we know about him?
  • Satan vs Lucifer: Is Lucifer and Satan the same? The Bible says Satan is from the beginning a liar, from the day of his creation, but Lucifer is not like that, he was a holy cherub till the day he was found guilty.

  • Satan's Access to Heaven:  If God does not allow sin to enter into Heaven then why is Satan allowed access to accuse the brethren?
  • Satan's Fall: I understand at one time Satan was an angel in Heaven, the most beautiful. I have often wondered where his sin derived from to want to "take over". As I understand it, he was the one to start "tempting" to cause Eve to sin, but what caused his sin to become what it led to?

  • Satan's Rebellion and Fall:  What facts do we know about the fall of Satan?  Did he cause other angels to rebel with him?  Were the angels deceived or did they know what they were doing?
  • The Woman of Revelation Twelve: Can you explain the woman being hid in Revelation 12 and Israel's part in the tribulation?

  • To and Fro: How fast is to and fro? Is it instantaneous or is it hours long when the devil went to and fro upon the earth in Job chapter one? Was it in seconds or did it take all day?

  • When Was Satan Created?: The devil was certainly created before the creation of the world since the Bible says the devil was ďa murderer from the beginning".

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