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  • The Age of Accountability: Many people have taught the idea that there is an age at which a child becomes accountable to God. Is this a scriptural teaching and if so, what age would it be?

  • Anger and Sin: Could you explain Ephesians 4:26, 31. Can we as sinners be angry and not sin?

  • Are Sins Equal?: Are all sins created equal? For example, like comparing someone who committed suicide to someone who said God's name in vain. Would they both receive the same punishment?

  • As God is my Witness: When a person wants one to believe that they are telling the truth, why do they say, "as God is my witness"? Where in the Bible does it say, "as God is my witness"? Does this mean that the person is sincere and being honest, or does it have any significance at all?

  • Becoming a New Creature: Please let me know what is said about watching movies that contain nudity and bad language?

  • Being Troubled About the Sabbath:  Do you have people telling you that you have taken the mark of the beast by worshipping on Sunday?  Do they try to convince you that you are evil because you do not keep the sabbath?  Here are some pointers on how to handle this confrontation.

  • The Bible and Self Esteem: What verses in the Bible help with increasing confidence in yourself?

  • The Blessings of Pain: The pain and agony the two sisters went through (Mary and Martha) in the death of Lazarus, does it mean sometimes God is happy to see us in pain just for His name to be glorified? I want more exposure on how to handle adversities of such nature.

  • Body Piercing: Is it all right to pierce our body when it is supposed to be the temple of the Holy Spirit?

  • Burning Incense: Can we and should we burn incense to the Lord today? If so, where can I find it?

  • A Call to Christian Service: Why are Christians called to service? Also, what is a calling?

  • Children Obey Your Parents: Please tell me what the Bible has to say about children obeying their parents.

  • Christians and War: Since God said we should not kill, is it not a sin when born again Christians in Military services do so?

  • Common Prayers: I am new to the bible and all I want to do is learn the common prayers. I do not know the names, but for example the now I lay me down to sleep, etc.

  • Conflict in the Work Place: My boss says that he is a Christian but he has been treating me unfairly for years. What should I do?

  • Dancing: Many Christians and Churches today are having dance teams and various other activities dealing with dancing. Is this an example of our loss of conviction or is this in accordance with a godly lifestyle?

  • Definition of Grace: What is grace and what does it do for me?

  • Do All Hear the Gospel?: Do all men have a chance to hear the Gospel before they die? I realize that God "reveals Himself through His creation," thus, does one merely have to honor His handiwork if they otherwise do not hear the message of Christ? This includes Native Americans before the colonization of North America. Thank you.

  • Doubting Salvation: There are many times that I doubt whether or not I am saved. How can I know for sure that I am saved?

  • Eating Pork:  Eating pork was indeed prohibited under the law, but what about believers today?  Is it a sin to eat pork or any other meat?

  • Expository Preaching: I need some help. I am a preacher, an assistant pastor of a church. I was wondering if you knew of anywhere I could find some courses for expository preaching? My main focus is to be able to preach God's word in its fullness and not in my opinion. If you could help me find anything on this I would appreciate it.

  • Fasting and Prayer: How does one go about fasting, and what are the different types of fasting?

  • Fear of Failure: I became a believer because of the fear of failure. I had failed in certain important exams throughout life. I am now an intern lay pastor working. I need to write exams to be promoted at the office. I realize that I wont have time to concentrate on my studies because I am now in charge of a Church. I sincerely need your advice on what to do?

  • Financial Help: If you are struggling to make ends meet financially how should you approach God to ask for His help?

  • Forgiveness of Sin: Once a Christian asks for forgiveness, is the sin forgiven and forgotten by our Lord?

  • Friends of the Opposite Sex: Men and woman must be very guarded in their relationship to one another most especially when they are not married to one another. You need to value not only your marriage, but the marriage of others as well.

  • Giving Answers to Doubters: When non-christians ask us how we know that what we believe in is the truth, and how do we prove it, how do we answer that question?

  • Giving in Secret: Matthew chapter 6 talks about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. What does this mean and biblically what is the meaning of left and right hand in the Bible?

  • Giving Your All To God: There are many things you should be doing, like praying and Bible reading and going to church and more. However, Romans 6:13 outlines how we can give our all to the Lord. You may fail on many occasions. In fact, if you follow these steps in sincerity, you may be more frustrated for a time because these steps will show you many ways in which you fail the Lord.

  • God Supplies Our Needs: Giving to the Lord is not some sort of maneuver by which we obligate God to send us money. It all belongs to Him and we can never put God in obligation to us.

  • The Habit of Giving: Are we commanded to tithe in the age of grace? What should we be giving if anything to our local churches? This article deals with giving of finances but also with giving of ourselves. What kind of habit should we have when it comes to giving?

  • Halloween: I have recently been told that Halloween is the Devil's holiday, but before I had always heard that it was a religious holiday. Could you please clarify which is accurate?

  • Honouring Parents: The Bible teaches that children are to honour their parents, but what if the father is an alcoholic and he deserts the wife and children? Should they still honour him?

  • How Can a Christian Life Touch Others: The Bible refers to this act as “ministering” which in its basic definition is simply attending to the wants and needs of others. However, to minister to others one must first be willing to submit themselves to the Lord in all humility realizing that before they can hope to help others.

  • Importance of Attending Church: I have found that I can't stand going to church. Some of the things just turn me off. I am having a hard time knowing God because of this small town that I live in. I don't want to go to another town to attend, but I should be in church. There's several small churches and any time I attend another someone in the town will give me a hard time. Our town is about 700 people. I want to be in a church and have a church family and I am not finding that here.

  • Is Arguing Shameful to God?: Is there a place in the Bible that says that you shouldn't argue or that it is shameful to God?

  • Is the Bible True - A Sevenfold Witness for the Scriptures:  How do we know that the Bible is true?  There are many religions in the world and they all claim to be true.  How can we accept Christianity and the Bible with so many who oppose it?

  • Jewelry - Is it a sin to wear? I have read that all sort of necklaces, ear rings, lip stick, etc. are sinful yet I remember seeing another article where it was saying that the bride was adorned while marrying. Could you please provide Biblical verses and wholesome comments?

  • Lessons for Worship: What lessons can we learn about worship today based on these warnings and commands about worship in Old Testament times in Ecclesiastes 5:1-7?

  • Long Hair and Earrings For Men: Is it wrong for men to have long hair and wear earrings?

  • Lost Sheep: How should a pastor deal with the lost sheep in his church. For example - members whose family are drug addicts or youth with a troubled past. 

  • Making Deals with God: Will God always honor our deals that we make with Him? Statements such as God strike me down if I'm telling a lie, are popular but does God hold us to these foolish requests?

  • Marrying an Unbeliever: How important is it to marry someone who knows the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour? There are times when it is difficult to find someone who is saved and yet that you are drawn to. In situations like this, is it safe for God's people to marry a good person though they are unsaved?

  • Mercy or Justice?: What is the basis within God that enables Him to forgive sin, is it on the basis of His mercy or on the basis of His justice?

  • Multiplied Trials: My husband and I have been going through one trial right after another. How do you know why you are going through the trial and what can you do to be strong during the trial?

  • Music for Pleasure: I've read some of Alan Ives writings on music. To be blunt - is this something that Baptists are "nit picky" about? What does the Bible actually say about melody, harmony, and rhythm? I've also listened to your sermon on music - does this apply to what we listen to outside of church?

  • Nakedness: What does the Bible say about nudity or nakedness?

  • Nominal Christianity:  In many communities all over the world people claim to be saved when they do not personally know Jesus Christ as Saviour.  These people are "Nominal Christians" or Christians in "name".  What can be done in these areas to reach people?

  • Offending Others: If a Christian is doing something that causes me to stumble then they should stop? And if they don't, what will be their consequences?

  • The Old Man and the Flesh: Are the old man and the flesh one and the same? We read the old man has been crucified with Christ, and that we are to mortify the flesh.

  • The Order of the Home: What does the Bible mean when it says that the man is the "Head of the home"? What does it all involve?

  • Part Catholic - Part Baptist: I am part Catholic and part Baptist. What do I do?

  • Praying for Patience: Is it wrong to pray for patience?

  • Preparing for the Work of God: What steps should one take while preparing for service to the Lord? It appears that God is willing to use a multitude of ways to prepare His servants. However, there are general principles that should be followed unless God intervenes to reveal that He will do it differently in a particular case.

  • Public Prayer: I would like to know where the custom of praying in church came from. As I try and find it in the Bible, it says that we are not to pray publicly, but we are to go to our closets and pray in private.

  • Purgatory - Truth or Fiction?: What happens to a person who dies with unconfessed sin? Is there a place between Heaven and Hell where people can go until their sins are taken care of?

  • Raising of Hands or Saying Hallelujah in a Worship Service: What should be our practice concerning external displays of worship in public services?

  • Schools For Preachers: What does the Bible say about men going to school to be a preacher?

  • Scripture Memorization: What are some good study tips to help me remember the Bible?

  • Seeing the Nakedness of Family Members: Is it wrong to see family members naked?

  • Should Christians Suffer: In America we see so little suffering for the cause of Christ. That does not change that there is a Biblical truth about Christians and suffering.

  • Should Christians Vote: A Jehovah's Witness told me that Christians were not supposed to vote for politicians. I know we are supposed to pray for them, so why shouldn't we also vote for them?

  • Sin After Salvation: What happens if a saved person commits a sin and dies before he asks for forgiveness?

  • A Single Woman a Keeper at Home: How can a single woman be a keeper at home with all of the responsibilities of bills and children?

  • Sons Growing Up: Is there a certain age your son will come to when he should be able to make the majority of his decisions with only suggestions by the parents? Is age what we as parents should be looking at or maturity?

  • Standing Against False Doctrine: I was just looking at your website and I don't understand why Christians can write such hateful speech about other Christians who might disagree or struggle to believe their point of view.

  • Steps to Victory Over Cigarettes: I am a born again believer and I can't put my cigarette smoking habit away. How do I overcome this? I will not take the pain and deny my flesh for too long, and it really discourages me. I worry because I am hurting my testimony and the entire body of Christ by my actions.

  • Studying the Bible: Some of the great characteristics of the Bible are its complexity, depth, and sheer volume. God did not send just a little information, but He sent us everything He wanted us to have in this life to learn about Him, His love for us, His provision of salvation, and how to live life victoriously through Him. The Bible isn’t a book that you can read through once and set aside saying, “That’s done.” This question and answer is written to encourage you with a few thoughts on why Bible study is profitable, how to begin, and what you can do when questions arise.

  • Submission to Unworthy Rule: How could a Christian submit to a selfish employer or a corrupt government?

  • Swimming and Modesty: Should we be swimming with those that are in bathing suits? Are we looking upon their nakedness? What measures can we take to protect ourselves?

  • Ten Commandments - God's Law Handed Down?: Are the ten commandments Gods Law handed down? Are they never changing? Do they still apply to this day and age?

  • Times of Disbelief: If a Christian finds himself doubting his beliefs and maybe for a while stops believing, is there any way for him to be saved and forgiven? Is it possible for such a person to regain his salvation, or can a period of disbelief never be forgiven by God?

  • Tithing: What is the tithe and how should we give it? Also should it be given from the gross or net?

  • Vacation Bible School: During the summer months it seems that churches all over have a weeklong Vacation Bible School in order to reach out to young people in the community, but what if your church doesn't have one? Should a Christian miss their own home church services in order to attend a Vacation Bible School at another Church?

  • To Whom Shall We Pray?: I have a question. To whom am I supposed to pray? I believe in it, but who am I suppose to pray if I want to repent and be saved? our heavenly father or Jesus? or does it make any difference?

  • Wearing Shorts To Work:  I am a saved male and wanted to know if it was ok to wear shorts on extremely hot days. The shorts would pass the knees and only be worn at work. My pastor said we should cover our legs past our thighs and be modest in our dress but on hot and humid days it is almost unbearable.

  • Where do I Start?: Where do I start to learn the Bible? How do I know what to read to change my life? I know nothing about the Bible.

  • Who is a Christian?: A Christian is a person who has come to the realization of their sinful, lost condition and with a repentant heart turns to the Lord Jesus Christ and in faith accepts His substitutionary death as payment for their sins.  

  • Who is Responsible for My Sin?: Many people endure all sorts of abuse and trials in the days of their childhood. One of the greatest trials of their life is overcoming events of the past. If someone is not able to overcome these things, who is responsible for their sin?

  • Why David: Why did God choose David to be King and what made him a man after God's heart?

  • Why God: I know some people that have suffered through some terrible things and it comes back to the question of "why does God allow bad things to happen"

  • Witnessing to Muslims: How do you get a Muslim to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour if they believe that Allah is God and think they know enough about the Bible?

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