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  • The Cloud of Witnesses:  Do those in Heaven see us and know what is going on in the Earth?  Are those in Hebrews chapter 11 watching on and so we are to do our best for their sakes?
  • Creation of Heaven and Hell: In Genesis 1 it says that God created the heavens. When was heaven created? Also, when was hell created. Was it before or after the fall of Lucifer and his angels?

  • Marriage in Heaven:  Will those that are married on Earth still be married in Heaven and know each other as Husband and Wife?
  • Recognition in Heaven:  Will we actually recognize our friends and relations who have accepted Christ and died before us on this earth?
  • Relationships in Heaven:  Ever since my father died I have wondered what happens to us in heaven. I know there are no more tears, but does that mean we will not remember our family and friends? Do we get to live with them, or is it totally different than living on earth?
  • The Resurrected or Glorified Body of Christ:  When Jesus arose from the grave what kind of body did He have?  Was it flesh like it was before His death?
  • Three Heavens: I noticed that the word heaven is both singular and plural in scripture. Could you please explain?
  • Will There Be War in Heaven?: Please explain Revelation 12:7-9? I see that Satan deceives the world. How can Satan deceive the whole world, if he is/was in heaven?


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