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Bible History

The Time of the Judges

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I.  INTRODUCTION (Key Verses – Judg.17:6; 21:25) 

A.       The Partial Conquest (Judg.1:21,27-36; 2:1-5,20-23; 3:1-4) 

B.       The Passing Generation (Judg.2:6-10) 

C.       The Disobedient Israelites (Judg.2:11-13; 3:5-7) 

D.       The Punishing Foes (Judg.2:14-15) 

E.       The Loving Deliverance (Judg.2:16-18) 

F.        The Cycle Repeated (Judg.2:19) 


A.       The Oppressors 

1.     Mesopotamians (Judg.3:8)

2.     Moabites (Judg.3:12-14)

3.     Canaanites (Judg.4:1-3)

4.     Midianites (Judg.6:1-6)

5.     Ammonites (Judg.10:6-9)

6.     Philistines (Judg.13:1) 

B.       The Judges 

1.     Othniel (Judg.3:7-11)

2.     Ehud (Judg.3:12-30)

3.     Shamgar (Judg.3:31)

4.     Deborah with Barak (Judg.4-5)

5.     Gideon (Judg.6-8)

6.     Tola (Judg.10:1-2)

7.     Jair (Judg.10:3-5)

8.     Jephthah (Judg.10:6-12:7)

9.     Ibzan (Judg.12:8-10)

10. Elon (Judg.12:11-12)

11. Abdon (Judg.12:13-15)

12. Samson (Judg.13-16)

13. Samuel (I Sam.7:15-17)  


A.       Period of Mesopotamian Oppression (Judg.3:8-11) 

1.     Duration – 8 years

2.     Deliverer – Othniel (Caleb’s nephew)

3.     Rest – 40 years

4.     Danite movement (Judg.17-18)

a.       Early story

(1)     Mentioned in Joshua (Josh.19:47)

(2)     Joshua written early (Josh.6:25)

b.       Set up competitive religion (Judg.18:29-31; I Kgs.12:25-30)

5.     Outrage at Gibeah

a.       Early story – Phinehas still high priest (Judg.20:28)

b.       Shows how low the nation had gone  

B.       Period of Moabite Oppression (Judg.3:12-31) 

1.     Duration – 18 years

2.     Deliverers

a.       Ehud

b.       Shamgar

3.     Rest – 80 years (Judg.3:30) 

C.       Period of Canaanite Oppression (Judg.4-5) 

1.     Duration – 20 years

2.     Deliverers – Deborah with Barak

3.     Rest – 40 years 

D.       Period of Midianite Oppression (Judg.6:1-10:5) 

1.     Duration – 6 years

2.     Deliverers

a.       Gideon

b.       Tola

c.       Jair

3.     Rest – 40 years

4.     Time of the story of Ruth 

E.       Period of Ammonite Oppression (Judg.10:6-12:15) 

1.     Duration – 18 years

2.     Deliverers

a.       Jephthah

b.       Ibzan

c.       Elon

d.       Abdon 

F.        Period of Philistine Oppression (Judg.13-16) 

1.     Duration – 40 years

2.     Deliverer – Samson (see Judg.13:5) 

G.       Samuel (I Sam.1-8) 

1.     Early life (I Sam.1-3)

2.     Ark lost and returned (I Sam.4-6)

3.     Samuel’s ministry (I Sam.7)

4.     Israel wants a king (I Sam.8)


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