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The Threefold Reproof of the Spirit

Introduction:  The Lord Jesus Christ gave His followers some difficult news.  Yet in the midst of this news He gave them the promise of the coming Comforter.  In this chapter we have the Lord’s description of the Comforter’s work in the world.  The work of the Comforter does not stop with the unsaved, rather He is very much doing similar work in the heart of those who have trusted Christ.

    1. The Warning of Coming Troubles (John 16:1-3)
    2. The Warning of Christs Departure (John 16:4-6)
    3. The Necessity of Christs Departure (John 16:7)
  2. THE REPROOF OF THE LOST (John 16:8-11)
    1. Of Sin (John 16:9)
      1. The natural mans unbelief
        1. The natural man doesnt believe what Gods word says of his condition.
        2. The natural man doesnt believe what God says about the remedy for his condition.
        3. The natural man doesnt believe what God says about the end of his condition.
      2. Because they believe not on Christ
        1. This is the deepest depths of the sin of man.
        2. Unbelief is the elevation of your mind and emotion above simple faith in what God said.  It is the rejection of one piece of information and the acceptance of another piece of information.
    2. Of Righteousness (John 16:10)
      1. Because Christ was going to the Father
      2. Because they would see Christ no more
      3. The natural mans need for a standard
        1. Once the natural man sees that he has some problems, he begins immediately to compare himself with faulty standards.
        2. The natural man must be reproved concerning the righteousness expected by God and fulfilled in Christ.
        3. The fact that Christ was returning to the Father signified a completed work that was satisfactory to the Father.
    3. Of Judgment (John 16:11)
      1. Because the prince of this world is judged
      2. It is not enough for man to know that he has done wrong and someone has done right.  He has to have a real glimpse that one day he will be accountable before the one who did everything right.
      3. The idea is that if the prince of this world will be judged, it logically follows that all of his subjects would likewise be judged.
      4. The prince of this world is Satan.  He once had a right standing before God, but because of pride he fell.  If God is willing to judge him, then He is certainly willing to judge you.
  3. THE REPROOF OF THE SAVED (John 16:8-11)
    1. Of Sin (John 16:9)
      1. Because of unbelief
      2. Many of the sins of omission or commission can be summarized as sins of unbelief.
    2. Of Righteousness (John 16:10)
      1. Because of the standard of righteousness
      2. Believers need to be constantly reminded of the righteous example set forth by Christ.
      3. We should follow His example
        1. In service
        2. In compassion
        3. In zeal
        4. In obedience
    3. Of Judgment (John 16:11)
      1. Because of the soon coming judgment
      2. The judgment seat of Christ ought to affect our service.

Conclusion:  Are you allowing the Comforter to perform the work of the Father in you?  Have you trusted Christ?  Have you realized your own sinfulness and the fact that God’s standard cannot be met by you?  Have you realized that the judgment of God is already abiding on you in some senses and fulfillment of His wrath will come soon?  What about those who are saved?  Are you allowing the Spirit of God to convict you of unbelief and point you to the example of obedience?  Are you serving in light of the coming judgment before Christ?