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What to Do When the Victories Pass

Introduction:  Have you had times in your life where the power of God was manifesting itself?  Have you had times where God’s approval was on your life?  Have you had times where the presence of God was real to you?  Have you had times of great victory?  Are all of those times in the passed?  What should believers do when they get in a time of their life when the victories are seemingly history and the present yields promise of defeat?

    1. The Crossing of the Jordan (Joshua 3:1-17)
      1. The obstacle to overcome (Joshua 3:3-4)
      2. The obedience of the people (Joshua 3:14)
      3. The power of God (Joshua 3:15-17)
    2. The Circumcision of the People of God (Joshua 5:2-9)
      1. The failure to circumcise (Joshua 5:2-6)
      2. The obedience of Joshua (Joshua 5:7)
      3. The approval of God (Joshua 5:9)
    3. The Ceasing of the Manna (Joshua 5:10-12)
      1. The keeping of the Passover (Joshua 5:10)
      2. Food in the plains of Jericho (Joshua 5:11)
      3. The ceasing of manna (Joshua 5:12)
      4. The provision of God (Joshua 5:12)
    4. The Visit From a Captain (Joshua 5:13-15)
      1. Joshuas encounter with a soldier (Joshua 5:13)
      2. Joshuas concern for peace (Joshua 5:13)
      3. The revelation of the presence of God (Joshua 5:14-15)
    5. The Defeat of Jericho (Joshua 6:1-5, Joshua 6:20-21, Joshua 6:24)
      1. The victory promised ahead of time (Joshua 6:1-2)
      2. The obedience of the people (Joshua 6:12-16)
      3. The victory given (Joshua 6:20-21, 24)
    1. The Expected Victory (Joshua 7:2-3)
      1. The viewing of Ai (Joshua 7:2)
      2. The assessment of Ais ability (Joshua 7:3)
    2. The Horrible Defeat (Joshua 7:4-5)
      1. The Israelites play it safe three thousand men (Joshua 7:4)
      2. The Israelites fled (Joshua 7:4)
      3. The loss of life in the battle (Joshua 7:5)
      4. The loss of confidence in the battle (Joshua 7:5)
    3. The Reason for Defeat
      1. The assumption of Joshua (Joshua 7:6-9)
        1. Joshuas spiritual devotion (Joshua 7:6)
        2. Joshuas blame for the defeat (Joshua 7:7-9)
      2. The revelation by God (Joshua 7:10-12)
        1. The Lords lack of concern for Joshuas spiritual appearance (Joshua 7:10)
        2. The Lords revelation of the root of the problem (Joshua 7:11)
        3. The Lords blame for His departure (Joshua 7:12)
    1. Do Something Up (Joshua 7:13)
      1. The worst response to defeat is acceptance.
      2. The Lord wanted Joshua to get up and plan on doing something about the situation.
      3. The Lords presence would not return until the proper judgment was administered (Joshua 7:12).
    2. Repent sanctify the people (Joshua 7:13)
      1. More times than not when we see the victories pass, we need to evaluate our own hearts and lives and see if we need to repent before God.
      2. The problem was not God; it was that the people needed to be sanctified.

Conclusion:  What are you willing to acknowledge in your own life to obtain the power of God?  Are you willing to put aside your own pride and seek His face?  Are you willing to ask God to identify sin in your heart and repent of it when light comes?  What will it take for you to quit blaming the Lord and start recognizing your own faults?