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Children's Page

We hope to be adding to this section as we can.  We desire for this to be a place that you can turn your children loose and let them learn the Bible.

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Special Note for PowerPoint presentation:

If you can not access the presentations on your computer, this link supposedly makes it possible to at least 'view' a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Bible Maze:  The children can test their maze skills as they travel through a course in the shape of the Bible.  Printable version available.

  • Eternal Life Word Find:  Children, can you find the words that are connected to eternal life?  You can print it off and circle the words as you find them.

  • Complete the Book Names: Fill in the blank spaces to complete the name of a book of the Bible.  This tool is great for Sunday School teachers and homeschoolers.  Printable version available.

  • Bible Book Order Matching:  Here is something for the children.  Match the first eight books of the Bible with the appropriate number.  This would be a terrific tool for Sunday School teachers or homeschoolers alike.  There is a printable version available.

  • Pilgrims Progress:  The classic story of a pilgrim's journey to the celestial city written by John Bunyan.  This version was written for children.

  • Soldiers of the Cross:  Animated presentation for children.  Get out the camouflage it's time to be a soldier for Jesus Christ.  A fun way for children to learn Bible verses. PowerPoint

  • Types of Scripture:  The Bible is compared to many things in scripture.  Check out this animated slide presentation for children.  My children enjoyed it and yours will too. PowerPoint


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