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In a day when every religion claims to be Christian and churches are caring less and less for doctrine, may God stir up some folks to make stands against groups who would preach false doctrine.

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  • Book of Mormon - False Testament:  The Book of Mormon is not a genuine new revelation, but rather a blatant imitation of the real thing.  The internal evidence indicates that this book was compiled as a partial and misleading collage of biblical concepts.

  • John 1:18  - Jesus has gone from the "only begotten Son" to the "only begotten God" to the "One and Only."  How did this happen and what does it mean?

  • Ye Are Gods: Can you please comment or explain Psalm 82:6 where God says, "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High." I know in John 10:34 Jesus makes reference to this passage. I have family members who are Mormons and they use these verses to promote their belief that they will one day become gods.


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