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Miscellaneous False Doctrines

In a day when every religion claims to be Christian and churches are caring less and less for doctrine, may God stir up some folks to make stands against groups who would preach false doctrine.

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  • A Course in Miracles:  Do you have any advice concerning the three books known as "A Course in Miracles"?  It seems kind of New Age to me.

  • Exclusion from the Kingdom:  Will unfaithful Christians miss the kingdom?  Will they suffer in the lake of fire during the reign of the faithful Christians?

  • Freemasonry:  What scripture and other information can be used to expose the Satanic teachings of freemasonry?

  • Graham Phillips and the Identity of Jesus: According to Graham Phillips, Jesus is the son of Antipater (the son of Herod) and his wife Mary.  He says that he derived this from a close reading of the gospel.  Could this be accurate when compared to the scriptures?
  • Greek Mythology: Greek mythology deals with the stories of their gods. Certainly, there is a fascinating aspect to the stories surrounding the Greek gods. There is probably nothing wrong with an elementary knowledge of some of these stories. However, there is a great danger as well.
  • Salvation of Cult Members:  How are people caught up in cults not saved? For example, do you think Roman Catholics are not saved, or Seventh Day Adventists, etc. - how? (I don't think they are, but am unable to explain why.   Can you help me give an explanation to them/others?)

  • Sinless Perfection:  Are we supposed to be able to get to a point to where we never sin?


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