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Real Crime Report

Finally, the governments of the world are going after the real criminals. In May, Russian police raided a Baptist event where church members were giving out religious literature. Three members of Resurrection Baptist Church were detained by plain-clothes officers as they handed out copies of the New Testament to an audience of 500 at a rented cinema in the city of Ivanovo, about 155 miles northeast of Moscow. Recent actions against the church include a night police search of the family apartment of a missionary from Moldova and fines handed down to ten American Baptists for allegedly violating Russia's visa regime (they were charged for teaching on church premises when their visa only gave them permission for religious activities).

Real criminals are harder to find in the United States. Three U. S. Secret Service agents just raided the Great News Network in Denton, Texas. Lucky for us, they confiscated 8,300 counterfeit one-million dollar bills. Since the largest currency issued in the U.S. is a $100,000 bill, you can see how this could break the banks. But ministry founder Darrel Rundus said he doesn't understand how he can be accused of counterfeiting a bill that does not exist. The treasury seal on these counterfeit bills reads, "Thou shalt not steal," and other gospel messages are written on the backside of the bill. The rumor is that the next time the Feds have a slow week they are going to raid a kindergarten class where the kids are known to have drawn dollar bills. Okay, I'm just kidding on the kindergarten raid; but the rest of the story is absolutely true.