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Sunday School Outlines

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Jonah in the Whale

Jonah tells the story of the prophet who ran from obedience to God. There are many lessons here to help us understand how God does His work through man and how He deals with His servants when they rebel against Him.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

The Good Shepherd

One of the most powerful biblical pictures of Jesus Christ is as our Shepherd. Here in Psalm 23, we see Him as the Good Shepherd who cares for the sheep.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

The Suffering King

This psalm gives a graphic picture of the suffering King. It is likely that David initially spoke/penned these words to describe a personal affliction. Yet, the Lord gave him the words in such a way that it would be a prophetic explanation of the physical and spiritual sufferings that would be endured by the Son of God.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

God’s Revelation to Man

God wants all mankind to come to the knowledge of who He is and what He has done.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

The Lord’s Name Is Excellent

This psalm closes as it begins with the declaration: “O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!” This statement sets the theme for the entire psalm. God establishes His excellence by His working with and blessings to mankind. Much of this psalm looks back to creation and to man’s original place there.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

The Blessed Man

God never promised to remove all trials or to give us heaven on earth. However, He has promised that the man who separates himself from the world and gives himself over to the Lord will be blessed.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

Blessings for Job

God shows through Job that what really matters is how things turn out in the end.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

The Reign of Ahaz

The Lord is no respecter of persons, and He demonstrates this in His judgment of the favoured southern kingdom. The Lord is just in His judgment regardless of the identity of the guilty.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

The Rise and Fall of Uzziah

Uzziah was a great king and was greatly blessed of the Lord. At the peak of his strength, he began to trust in himself. His strength led to his fall. It is often in times of perceived strength that saints of God become most vulnerable.

Type: Sunday School Outlines

David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem

David is not a perfect man, but he is God’s man. He fails to bring the ark up on the first attempt, but makes it right and is able to deliver the ark of God to the city of Jerusalem.

Type: Sunday School Outlines
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