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A Two-Fold Responsibility

Have you received the engrafted word? If so, are you fulfilling the dual obligation to both hear and do the words of God?

Type: Sermon Outlines

It Is Time to Seek the Lord

Has your heart become hard and impenetrable? Have you allowed it to grow natural fruit that might have grown before you trusted the Lord? Has your life become about you, rather than being about the Saviour? Are you willing to allow the word of God to break up your fallow ground?

Type: Sermon Outlines

Your Walk Shows

This is a sermon comparing an upright walk with a perverted walk.

Type: Sermon Outlines

The Wise in Heart and the Prating Fool

A sermon about the wise and the foolish

Type: Sermon Outlines

God Is Weary

God is weary, and He may be weary with you. How long are we going to continue pretending God loves everything we do? It’s time to repent!

Type: Sermon Outlines

The Doctrine of Christ - Christ at the Treasury

This sermon is about the scene at the treasury and Jesus teaching at the treasury.

Type: Sermon Outlines

The Doctrine of Christ - Christ and the Religious Leaders

This is a sermon about Christ's encounters with the religious leaders.

Type: Sermon Outlines

The Doctrine of Christ - Christ Traps the Pharisees

This is a sermon about the timing, content, and response to the Lord's questions to the Pharisees.

Type: Sermon Outlines

The Doctrine of Christ - The Attempt to Trap Christ

This sermon is about the attempt to trap Christ by questions asked by the Pharisees and Herodians. Also, the question of marriage in the resurrection is discussed and the question of which is the greatest commandment.

Type: Sermon Outlines

The Doctrine of Christ - The Debate of Authority

This sermon is about the authority of Christ versus the authority of the religious leaders

Type: Sermon Outlines
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