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A Wife for Isaac

Why did Abraham want his son to get a wife from a far land?

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So Many Denominations

What is the difference in denominations and how do you know who is right? Why do we add our own opinions of what we get from scriptures and make it a denomination totally separate from another group who claims to be following Christ also?

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Seed in Itself

What does it mean that God created vegetation “whose seed is in itself” (Genesis 1:11)? How does this fit in with evolution?

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The Sinner's Prayer

Can a preacher direct non-believers to pray a prayer or follow his prayer of repentance and this lead to their salvation?

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Satan the Musician

I always hear how satan was a musician how is this supported by scripture?

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Reaping and Sowing for Good

How does a Christian believe that they will receive the good out of life if they have sown a bad seed? How does someone believe that good happens when God is involved and the bad happens when the devil is involved?

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Oneness Pentecostal

Where do "Oneness Pentecostals" come from? How can I refute some of their claims intelligently?

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Obeying Ungodly Parents

Should children obey their parents if one or both of them is on drugs or involved in some other grotesque sin?

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Is the office of a Bishop the same as a Pastor?

The term, elder, has a wider range than the term, bishop. Elder may refer to Old or New Testament offices. It may also refer to men of age, experience, and/or wisdom. Bishop refers to a specific New Testament office.

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Biblical Perfection

Are we sure that the modern translation of the Greek of the word "perfect", in Matthew 5:48 --as "complete" is fully correct or even correct at all?

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