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Christians And War

Since God said we should not kill, is it not a sin when born again Christians in Military services do so?

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Burning Incense

Can we and should we burn incense to the Lord today? If so, where can I find it?

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Body Piercing

Is it all right to pierce our body when it is supposed to be the temple of the Holy Spirit?

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The Blessings of Pain

The pain and agony the two sisters went through (Mary and Martha) in the death of Lazarus, does it mean sometimes God is happy to see us in pain just for His name to be glorified? I want more exposure on how to handle adversities of such nature.

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Becoming a New Creature

Please let me know what is said about watching movies that contain nudity and bad language?

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Anger and Sin

Could you explain Ephesians 4:26,31. Can we as sinners be angry and not sin?

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More Than One Tree of Life?

For the first time recently I noticed in Revelation 22:1-2 that it says of the tree of life it is "IN THE MIDST of the street of it, AND ON EITHER SIDE of the river". So, my question is: Is there more than one tree of life and is it Christ?

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What Are the Books?

In Revelation chapter 20, it speaks of books. I know of the book of life but what are the books?

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144,000 Resurrected or Ascended

Did the 144,000 get resurrected and if so when? Is this the same group mentioned in Revelation 7?

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Faces Of The Living Creatures

The creatures mentioned in Ezekiel's vision, first chapter of Ezekiel, later four living creatures in Revelation 7:11, without mention of the faces. Are these the same creatures and do they represent the four gospels?

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