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God Supplies Our Needs

Giving to the Lord is not some sort of maneuver by which we obligate God to send us money. It all belongs to Him and we can never put God in obligation to us.

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Giving Your All to God

There are many things you should be doing, like praying and Bible reading and going to church and more. However, Romans 6:13 outlines how we can give our all to the Lord. You may fail on many occasions. In fact, if you follow these steps in sincerity, you may be more frustrated for a time because these steps will show you many ways in which you fail the Lord.

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Giving Answers to Doubters

When non-christians ask us how we know that what we believe in is the truth, and how do we prove it, how do we answer that question?

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Forgiveness of Sin

Once a Christian asks for forgiveness, is the sin forgiven and forgotten by our Lord?

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Eating Pork

Eating pork was indeed prohibited under the law, but what about believers today? Is it a sin to eat pork or any other meat?

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Doubting Salvation

There are many times that I doubt whether or not I am saved. How can I know for sure that I am saved?

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Do All Hear the Gospel?

Do all men have a chance to hear the Gospel before they die? I realize that God "reveals Himself through His creation," thus, does one merely have to honor His handiwork if they otherwise do not hear the message of Christ? This includes Native Americans before the colonization of North America.

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What is Grace?

What is grace and what does it do for me?

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Dancing - Is It Right Or Wrong?

Many Christians and Churches today are having dance teams and various other activities dealing with dancing. Is this an example of our loss of conviction or is this in accordance with a godly lifestyle?

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Conflict in the Work Place

My boss says that he is a Christian but he has been treating me unfairly for years. What should I do?

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