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Times of Disbelief

If a Christian finds himself doubting his beliefs and maybe for a while stops believing, is there any way for him to be saved and forgiven? Is it possible for such a person to regain his salvation, or can a period of disbelief never be forgiven by God?

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Submission to Unworthy Rule

How could a Christian submit to a selfish employer or a corrupt government?

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Steps to Victory Over Cigarettes

I am a born again believer and I can't put my cigarette smoking habit away. How do I overcome this? I will not take the pain and deny my flesh for too long, and it really discourages me. I worry because I am hurting my testimony and the entire body of Christ by my actions.

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Should Christians Vote

A Jehovah's Witness told me that Christians were not supposed to vote for politicians. I know we are supposed to pray for them, so why shouldn't we also vote for them?

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Should Christians Suffer

In America we see so little suffering for the cause of Christ. That does not change that there is a Biblical truth about Christians and suffering.

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Memorizing Scripture

What are some good study tips to help me remember the Bible?

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Schools for Preachers

What does the Bible say about men going to school to be a preacher?

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Purgatory - Truth or Fiction?

What happens to a person who dies with unconfessed sin? Is there a place between Heaven and Hell where people can go until their sins are taken care of?

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Preparing for the Work of God

What steps should one take while preparing for service to the Lord? It appears that God is willing to use a multitude of ways to prepare His servants. However, there are general principles that should be followed unless God intervenes to reveal that He will do it differently in a particular case.

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Is it Wrong to Pray for Patience?

Is it wrong to pray for patience?

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