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Are you ready for a good old-fashioned homecoming?

Type: Devotional

His Word Will Come To Pass

No other holy book for any major religion stakes its claim to authority on its ability to foretell the future.

Type: Devotional

Longing for the Courts of the Lord

A modern hymn which follows the 84th Psalm in old style

Type: Devotional

The Habit of Giving

Are we commanded to tithe in the age of grace? What should we be giving if anything to our local churches? This article deals with giving of finances but also with giving of ourselves. What kind of habit should we have when it comes to giving?

Type: Devotional

God is the Promise Keeper

If God would break His promises to Israel, He might break other promises. But He never does. What other promises can we rest assured that He will keep?

Type: Devotional

Five Qualities of a Humble Man

What is humility? James says, “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up” (James 4:10).

Type: Devotional

Finding God's Will in the Hedges

What are some of the limitations or hedges that God has put in your life? Are you using them as a guide or are you rebelling against the Lord by going against His revealed will for you?

Type: Devotional

Festival of Lights

To most Americans of today, Hanukkah is nothing more than the Jewish answer to Christmas. What can we learn from this feast that Jesus Himself honored by his attendance?

Type: Devotional

The Fear of Loss

Check out today’s news. In what ways are people acting on this fear of loss today?

Type: Devotional

Don't Leave the Same Way You Came In

Church services should press us into service for our heavenly sovereign. Are you listening? Do you

Type: Devotional
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