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Bibliology - Revelation of God's Word

Bibliology - Revelation of God's Word

Type: Sunday School Outlines

Bitter Herbs

Are your trials like the bitter herbs eaten by the children of Israel? How can scripture help you with these bitter herbs?

Type: Devotional

They Did Not Drive Them Out

What dangers do we face when we do not fully obey the word of God? Could it be that disobeyed commands today will bring trials and troubles tomorrow?

Type: Devotional

Sins of Ignorance and Presumptuous Sins

Do you sin because of ignorance to God's law or do you find yourself knowingly transgressing the law of God?

Type: Devotional

A Miracle of Fire

What is the condition of your personal altar? Is it in good repair or do you need to work on it? God may not send fire from heaven, but God is ready to do great things in your life if you give yourself to Him.

Type: Devotional

God is the Promise Keeper

If God would break His promises to Israel, He might break other promises. But He never does. What other promises can we rest assured that He will keep?

Type: Devotional

The Beggar is a Small Man

I met a man during a trip to China. He doesn't know me but he taught me some things. He reminded me of what God expects from me. Allow him to do the same for you.

Type: Devotional

Turning a Curse Into a Blessing (Daily Portion 10324)

Earlier in the passage that includes chapters 7 and 8 of Zechariah, the Lord had used a question about continuing one of the fasts as a basis to reprove the Jews for their insincerity. Now, He tells them that He has chosen to bless them. And more, there is coming a time when all the fasts will be turned to cheerful feasts. As Judah and Israel have been a curse among the nations, so they will be a blessing. Once again, God shows His grace and mercy.

Type: Devotional

God Himself Will Defend His People (Daily Portion 10323)

This chapter has three major sections. First (v.1-8), God reproves His people for their sins and proclaims the separation these sins have made between them and their God. Second (v.9-15), the people despair of their condition and repent of their sins. Third (v.16-21), God raises up a Redeemer who delivers Israel from the enemy. God Himself will defend His people.

Type: Devotional

God is Merciful to His People (Daily Portion 10322)

Though God delivered the Israelites from bondage in Egypt and brought them to the Promised Land, they continued to rebel against Him. In anger, He forsook the tabernacle of Shiloh and delivered his strength into captivity (referring to the taking of the ark by the Philistines). But God still came back and defeated their enemies. He chose David of the tribe of Judah to lead the people of Israel. God is merciful to His people.

Type: Devotional
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